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Sep 24, 2001 11:13 AM


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Any number of accounts advise that fine dining in Los Angeles began with Alexander Perino and his eponymous restaurant. Over time, there have been reports that the business would be revived. There was always a hitch--the location, financing, the liquor license, etc. Reincarnations of older restaurants have always been a dicey proposition in my experience, having in mind such eateries as Rex, Pig n Whistle, Olivia's Place and even McDonald's. Is there any word on Perino's, or will it be simply a footnote in LA culinary history?

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  1. If there were any old LA restaurant I would like to see brought back it would be Scandia. Ah, for their herring appetizers with a shot or two (or three!) of Aquavit--one of my fondest food memories.

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    1. re: roger simon

      I went to the old Scandia once or twice, but never made it to Petersen's attempted revival. I have to say the food was delicious. Perhaps the setting needed updating. Where do you go now for Scandanavian cuisine?

      1. re: michael

        For the top-class Scandinavian experience in So Cal, head to Gustaf Anders in Costa Mesa. It's ranked perennially as one of the top restaurants in OC, and in the last couple of years has added a bistro-style annex called Gustav's Back Pocket. A drive for Westsiders and Valley types, to be sure, but hounds will go where the real chow is.

        1. re: Kriss Reed

          Didn't Gustav originate in La Jolla? If so, another 10 years and it'll be in LA.

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            Are you kidding me? Gustaf Anders a top ranking restaurant in OC? Oh please!!! The first and last time I went there the service was the worst I've ever experienced at any restaurant. We (my wife and another couple) got seated and the host said your waiter will be right with you. Well 20 minutes later nobody came to our table. I went to the host and asked him what happened to the waiter? He was helpful and went right away to get a waiter. About 5 minutes later the waiter finally came. He took our drinks orders. We had to wait another 10 minutes for our drinks to arrive. After this we said forget this. We asked the waiter to get the manager and the manager got an earfull from the four of us. The manager tried to explain they were very busy but we weren't in the mood to hear anything like that. He offered a free meal but we told him that we can't stay here the whole weekend.

            Ok so I didn't acutally eat there but the service was so bad, no matter how good the food maybe, the poor service ruined everything. Unless you like waiting 40 minutes for drinks.

            1. re: Schudog

              I've had nothing but pleasant experiences there. Sorry to hear yours wasn't.

        2. re: roger simon

          It just opened as Senoritas on Sunset, a cross between Mexican and Tex-Mex from the people at Mexicali Cantina in Studio City. Great looking inside. Check it out for at least the look and updated feel.