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Jan 30, 2008 05:28 AM

Need veggie-friendly resto near the Phoenix (for tonight)

'Hounds, I turn to you once again for your wisdom and impeccable taste in food. :)

A group of us are heading to the Phoenix for a show tonight, and we're hoping to grab a bite to eat in the general vicinity beforehand. For those who aren't familiar with the venue, it's located on Sherbourne near Carlton, though we're willing to roam anywhere between Parliament, Bay, Queen and Bloor in search of good eats.

What we'd like to find is someplace casual, not too expensive (mains under $20, if possible), and with good food. There will be five of us.

The requirements are these:
1. We've got one vegetarian, so the menu must have a reasonable selection of veggie friendly dishes (preferably something more than just a pasta option and a handful of salads).
2. Another friend has a peanut allergy, so Thai and Vietnamese and other peanut-heavy cuisines are off-limits. Epi-pens tend to bring the good times to a grinding halt.
3. Lastly, yet another friend is not particular adventurous when it comes to food, so we'd prefer to stick with more "mainstream" foods lest he end up starving (sadly, this rules out Ethiopian, which would have been a good bet otherwise).

Other than that, we're pretty flexible. Challenging, huh? Hopefully I'm not asking for the impossible. :(

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  1. Big Momma's Boy on Parliament.

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      I second Big Momma's Boy which is just south of Wellsley on Parliament. It's a short walk to the venue. Threre's gleuten free veggie stuff on the menu and pizza for the picky eater.

      Have fun at DJ Shadow