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Jan 30, 2008 04:33 AM

The 'Beefsteak' in New Jersey-NYT

Sounds like fun every once in a while. I can see people doing this as a social ritual. And a reason for gluttony.

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  1. “You’ve got the tender beef, butter, salt, French fries, beer — all your major food groups. "

    What a great line! Sounds like a blast; maybe they finish it off by popping a few lipitors...

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Oh, that article made me HUNGRY. I'd definitely pick the place that uses butter. I just read the 1939 Joseph Mitchell article referenced in the story and thought it was terrific -- it's the first piece in "Secret Ingredients," the newish anthology of food writing from the New Yorker, a truly delightful book.

        1. a great article.....

          Raised in Passaic County, I had no idea that the beefsteak originated in NY.

          I vote for Nightingales, but am surprised that they do not use butter....

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          1. re: JerseyNOLA

            I sort of see why, with butter's propensity to burn, though I assume that even in a catering kitchen they would be able to find a slow burner to keep it just warm enough... Thomas Keller always has beurre monté going after all.
            Granted, that is probably an unfair comparison for something closer to a pancake breakfast than French Laundry.

            1. re: SunnysideUp

              I loved the article too! Did a Google search and there's one tomorrow night in Bloomfield! Fund raiser - no need to crash!

              1. re: Concetta

                I hope you get to go! It would be great to hear a report.

                1. re: SunnysideUp

                  Wish I could, but I live in the SF Bay Area.

                2. re: Concetta

                  I have a group getting together next weekend (march 8th) and we would love to go to a beefsteak event.

                  Aside from random Google search results, how do you know when/where they?!

                  1. re: marc10

                    I would call the 2 places in Clifton mentioned in the article to find out what gigs they have next weekend and if they're open to the public.