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Jan 30, 2008 03:35 AM

Busch Gardens

Anything interesting or healthy to eat there?

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  1. The food is actually pretty decent there. The smokehouse has decent bbq and sides and the festhaus has good sandwiches and hot food. You'll find wraps and salads as well. I have never had an issue finding something good and halfway healthy to eat there and we go pretty often.

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      Went to the smokehouse and you were right....the meat was great especially for a theme park. not healthy but I splurged anyway.

    2. Not really healthy at all, but the Crown Colony restaurant serves a family-style fried chicken dinner that I always thought was pretty good. Plus, it overlooks the veldt, so you can watch the animals while you eat.

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        I have to agree with JB's suggestion for Crown Colony. The food itself didn't wow me, but if you can get seated on the outside patio it really does offer some majestic views of the animals. The same thing goes for Festhaus, in that the food is so-so but it's worth it just for the live entertainment.

      2. I've eaten the 3-sausage (?) combo platter at Das Festhaus and their ridiculously-sized German chocolate cake. I found that the darker-colored sausage was the tastier (I guess they are all bratwursts), and the German potato salad was great. The red cabbage was a little bit too vinegar-y for my taste. The cake (even though we didn't finish it), was really good - not too sweet.