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Sep 23, 2001 12:44 AM

Klezmer Brunch at the Knitting Factory

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I'm wondering if anyone has gone and can tell me anything and everything about it. I can't seem to find much about it on the Internet other than this from the Knitting Factory

"Klezmer Lunch: Best in Show!
We're blushing with pride that the Knitting Factory's Klezmer Brunch series was voted Best Brunch in the latest issue of Los Angeles Magazine. So now you've been hearing all the hype, why not come on down and check it out for yourself?! This week continues with the Rabbinical School Dropouts and next week, July 1st will feature the Santa Monica-based Goldie's Yiddish Orchestra."

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  1. I've heard great things about it from those who have gone, but haven''t been yet.

    1. They have a long way to go to entice me into that Hollywood Galaxy setting under its current architectural wonderment. Maybe later, but at the moment, you must be really hungry for a new experience.

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      1. re: carter

        What does you not liking the architecture have anything to do with the Brunch? What a helpful response.

        1. re: Alexis

          A friend of mine went to the brunch and she said it bordered on the worst experience of her life. Institutional food, long lines (over an hour!) and horrible service.

          1. re: Alexis

            You look to spend time having a meal yet you must walk past a completely different environment to get to the environment you are seeking. I think the architectural mess that is the Galaxy is so off-putting for a meal, not though for shopping at Tower Records.