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Jan 29, 2008 10:34 PM

P C H eats

Hi, I will be visiting the L.A. area in February, and will be commuting from West L.A. (Bundy and Olympic-ish) to Agoura Hills via P.C.H. and maybe the 405 if I have no choice. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good spots to eat anywhere along these routes. I visit L.A. quite a bit but this isn't really my neck of the woods so In-n-out is presently my only option. I am open to pretty much anything from hole in the wall to sit down, but the more casual, the better. All cuisines are fair game, and I'm up for driving a little out of my way if it's worth my while.....thanks for the help!!

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  1. I recommend Malbu Seafood right on PCH. It is just past Pepperdine, maybe a mile.

    Really good seafood. I'm not normally a fish and chips kinda person, but theirs are great. Its huge slabs of fish too. Nice outside patio, casual take and eat.

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      Trojan is right about Malibu Seafood.

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        Malibu Seafood is my favorite place for fish 'n' chips. My sister also liked the clam strips.

      2. For breakfast there's Lilly's at the Point Dume Plaza. Their breakfast burritos are fantastic. Be sure to have the green smoky hot sauce. You could also stop at Patrick's Roadhouse for a good breakfast.

        For lunch I loveTaverna Tony's. The lamb sandwiches are delicious. I also like John's Garden. Both are in the mart at Cross Creek.

        Other good choices in Malibu include Malibu Seafood and Allegria.

        In the Palisades, on Palisades Dr (a short drive up Sunset from PCH) is Il Carpaccio - great Italian food.

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          I live in Thousand Oaks and used to work in Santa Monica. My favorite place to stop on the way home to pick up some grub was:

          Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine
          18763 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 6.07mi
          (310) 317-0025

        2. "Back on the beach" is on the PCH just north of the Pier. The food is not the best but you can't beat the ambiance. They seat you right on the beach.