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I am looking for a place that serves super spicy food, that is not asian. I mlooking for stuff like wings and chili. Im a huge Blairs fan!!!! Please help!!!! Im in SFV.

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  1. Chili My Soul sometimes serves up the Demon chili, but you can have any chili you want that they're serving as turned up as you want.

    It's ashame that you're ruling out Asian, because the spicy chicken wings at Kyochon are really great.

    Chili My Soul
    4928 Balboa Blvd, Encino, CA 91316

    Kyochon Chicken
    3833 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020

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      is chili my soul a restaurant or is it just take out?

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        Casual restaurant with tables.

    2. Akbar's (Indian) on Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica has an appetizer of hot wings slathered in Indian chili paste that will do the job if you're looking to give your taste buds an E-ticket thrill ride.

      1. Hogan's Heros has a nuclear chili, call first to make sure they have it. It is out of control hot! You do not even get the flavor of the chili.

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          Hogan's Heroes

          Hogan's Heroes
          8501 Pershing Dr, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

        2. I like spicy, in fact very spicy. The hottest BBQ sauce at JR Barbecue on La Cienega near Jefferson strained my tolerance a bit -- I had to use bites of the cool potato salad and the soft white bread to calm my taste buds, and now I get a mix of the hot and the medium sauces.

          El Super Taco, in a minimall on Santa Monica Blvd. at Brockton, has an orangeish habanero salsa available on its salsa bar, labeled "extra hot." I find that a few drops of this mixed in with a little serving cup of the salsa roja gives it the extra kick and tingle that I like.

          1. Shame you're ruling out Asian. Ka-San on Foothill in La Crescenta has the spiciest thing I have ever put in my mouth -- it's a haemul tang, a seafood stew that besides being tongue-bustingly hot is also absolutely delicious.

            1. Find the closest Wingstop and choose the atomic. It'll give you arses of fire the next morning.

              1. I second Chili My Soul for chili. You can go to the website -- www.chilimysoul.com -- to see what flavors they have on any particular day (they rotate). You can taste any chili they have on the menu, and they are rated on a 1-10 scale for spiciness (10 being spiciest).

                Hoagies and Wings in Sherman Oaks has the spiciest wings in the vicinity. I'm not a huge fan of the flavor of their wings (I like the Ribs USA wings' flavor better), but the suicide wings at Hoagies and Wings are one of the only spicy foods that I cannot handle. (I have no problem with Chili My Soul's Demon chili, just to give you a comparison).

                The roja salsa at El Taco Llama has a nice kick, similar to King Taco's. I don't know if I would call it super spicy, but it is good -- and their asada is fab. (This is an endorsement of the Magnolia/Cahuenga and Sherman Way/Vineland branches in NoHo, not any of the other ETLs in the Valley.)

                Too bad you aren't looking for asian, because Krua Thai has some blistering items. The papaya with blue crab salad was incredibly spicy, but also phenomenally flavored.

                1. Check out the shrimp tobolobampo at Babita.

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                    I ordered this dish during the winter, when chiles are hottest, and it was the hottest thing I had ever eaten. Even eating the shrimp with the sauce scraped off of it was a thousand times hotter than anything that I've ever eaten before. Nothing could stop the pain: beans, tortillas, salt, jamaica, etc.

                    The funny thing is, I really want to go there and order this again!


                  2. Thank all of you guys for responding. Do you know of any hot wing places that will light me and my wife's butt's on fire? Im in the no ho area. Thank You!

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                      Wing Stop
                      7057 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles
                      (323) 463-9464

                      Get the atomic ones.

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                        I definitely agree! The Wing Stop atomic wings rock! There is another Wing Stop in Saugus. Also, Buffalo Wild Wings (closest one to LA is Rancho Cucamonga) Blazin' wings are pretty hot. My old standby is Hooter's 911 wings.

                        For chili I agree that Chili My Soul has the best and the Demon is good and spicy!

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                        I still think you should try out the wings at Kyochon, especially if you're looking for an inferno.

                        Kyochon Chicken
                        3833 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020

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                          I know it's a chain, but if you ever make it out to Rrrrrrancho Cucamongaaaaaaaa(!!!) you should stop at Buffalo Wild Wings -- something like 20 sauces ranging from just plain too sweet all the way up to "oh god, I think my esophagus just melted"... and you can get it on wings, on ersatz wings (boneless skinless chicken breast tenders deep-fried), or even ribs.

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                            I didn't know they had a BWW out here. I first found it on a road trip in Indianapolis. I have ordered their sauces in the past. Several levels of heat/flavors. Thanks for letting us know!

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                              There are also several BWWs in the Las Vegas area for those of you who travel there often. They are all open 24 hours a day.

                        2. Try Chili John's in Burbank. They make it mild, medium and hot. For one of the football games last season I brought in the medium and everyone voiced how incredibly spicy it was. Plus it's good.

                          1. For hot wings, I'd recommend West Coast Hot Wings on Reseda Blvd. in Northridge. Many levels of hot wings, but I'm most in love with the habanero ranch wings. Ribs are good there, too, but not very spicy by any means.

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                              West Coast Hot Wings is out of business as of 12/31/07.

                            2. You also need to try some authentic Mexican chile verde or pork tomatillo. I haven't had it enough in LA for a particular restaurant reco, but I'm sure the other Hounders can help out there.