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Carnation Malted Milk Powder - Where to buy?

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Tried Ralph's in Silverlake - no luck. Any suggestions on which supermarkets carry it?

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    1. I think that Smart & Final carries it. Call ahead to your local store because inventory varies from store to store

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        Cost Plus in addition to S&F.

        I've seen it at Ralph's.

        Gelson's carries it definitely.

      2. I got some at the Von's on Sunset.

        I made these with it:


        Of course that was two years ago ... but I usually buy Ovaltine there, so they usually have the malted stuff.

        1. Smart and Final carries a big tub of it for like $8

          1. In the same vein, has anyone seen the chocolate Carnation Malt available locally? It's a key ingredient in my grandfather's homemade ice-cream recipe, and on a recent trip to the east coast, I couldn't find the chocolate variety anywhere. We achieved good results with the plain Carnation Malted Milk Powder (which wasn't easy to find) and a few T. of chocolate syrup.....

            1. You can get Horlick's great malted milk powder at the British shops in Santa Monica, but it is more expensive than Carnation. Anyone have any experience comparing the flavors of the two? Does Carnation come close?