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Jan 29, 2008 09:39 PM

IS Tao worth it?

8 of us are dining on Thur night at Taos-we are in for a company trip we earned. I have read mixed reviews. Saw the Vegas one but did not eat there-your thoughts on the food, service and is it worth the price?

If not we are staying at Park Central Hotel on 56th and 7th so other nearby locations -good Italian, Mexican (Rosa Mexicana?) or Thai?

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  1. I would not bother with Tao unless it was for their summer lunch prix fixe. It tries to be trendy and food is fine but so many better options in NY. How about Town (new American) if your company is footing the bill? I have not been but heard that the space is gorgeous and the food is good. When they first opened, I went to Amalia (also new American) and loved it but have heard downhill reports since then. Not sure about your suggested cuisines in the nabe though. I did have a nice dinner on Sunday at Bocca di Bacci (Italian) on Sunday night, definitely on the moderate casual side.

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      I ate at Town a year ago and loved it. It's not as over-the-top with decor as Tao is, but it's a nice room. And the food's really good. What I've always said about Tao is it's fine as long as someone else is paying. But if you really want good food, there are lots of better restaurants... Town being one of them.

    2. I agree Tao is so touristy and very expensive. They really move the food to you so I always have felt rushed on the 2 occasions I dined there. I won't be going back. It's hard to recommend something real good in the neighborhood that has a similar menu. Perhaps Landmarc or Porterhouse in the Time Warner Center, very different experiences but fun, fairly priced and in a beaytuful setting. Go to Stone Rose for a cocktail first and then choose a restaurant. Look at the menu at Per Se and Masa, it's a hoot. If I think of something else I'll post, good lluck!

      1. Tao isn't worth it. And definitely not Rosa Mexicana. I would rather dine at Blue Ribbon.

        1. Tao wasn't worth it a decade ago when it was "hip."

          It certainly isn't worth it now.

          1. It's not a disaster, but for the price you can do better at *many* other places. If you do go though, the food can be quite variable; some of the fish dishes are awful, but if you stick to the Peking Duck you'll be happy.