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Sep 22, 2001 12:55 PM

Where do I find Mackeson stout and Rodenbach?

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Since I moved to the Left Coast, I've been unable to find either of these beers in any store in LA (guess I was spoiled living in NYC, where even the neighborhood Pakistani deli oftentimes carried one or the other). Anyone seen these MIA's?

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  1. It's ironic that you used the word 'spoiled' since in most of those delis the beer is in pretty horrible condition, having sat under very bright flourescent lamps for who knows how long (especially the south-asian delis in the east village... yikes!).

    Anyway Beverage Warehouse should have both of these. You can also try Wine House or Wine Expo.

    1. Mackeson, often at that bastion of all things chow-houndish, T.J.'s!


      1. Rodenbach is on temporary hiatus, hence whatever you find is going to be somewhat old. Look for other red beers like Duchess de Bourgogne in the meantime.

        Mackeson is made in the US by Snyder Intl Brewing Group. Maybe you can find them on the web and post a query.

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        1. re: Jim Dorsch

          "Temporary hiatus" -- what does that mean? They've stopped making this masterpiece of a beer? While oceans of dreck are allowed to deluge an ignorant public?

          1. re: Mark Lee

            Sorry for alarming you. I believe the situation is that they're messing with the Rodanbach packaging or some such thing. You can probably get a better answer by visiting the Vanberg & DeWulf web site and sending an email query, or by calling them at 800.656.1212.

            Rodenbach Alexander is totally gone AFAIK, but they still make regular Rodenbach and Grand Cru.


          2. re: Jim Dorsch

            Both can be found at a tremendous beer lovers paradise and sandwich shop in San Gabriel. The Stuffed Sandwich. Sam takes good care of all of his beers. He has a list of around 800. He is very knowledgeable and makes a great pastrami dip. You have to buy food to get alcohol, but you can take out as much as you like. He revolves 4 taps and usually has at least one Belgian on. He also has Alexander. Another place to get Rodenbach, sometimes on tap is Lucky Baldwin's in Pasadena. Dave has around 40 taps and bottles. He loves Belgians and puts on one of the best Belgian Festivals in the US every year. He always has many Belgians on tap.

            1. re: Marc Marrie

              As I said before, I would question the age of Rodenbach that's on the market at this time since, to my knowledge, it hasn't been imported recently. In CA you can probably find Petrus Brown, which is likely to be fresher.