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Jan 29, 2008 07:55 PM

Query: Getting good meat/bbq delivered to Buffalo Grove

Preamble: I haven't been to Chicago in 3 decades, and if I ask the person I'm sending this to, they'll insist on not getting anything (and they're the only Chi-towners I know).

I've been looking to spend up to $100 to get some meals/food delivered to a couple who can't get around easily right now (surgeries for both).
Vegetable, fruit, sweet platters are all out of the question - we're talking about big time beef eaters. They've already gotten deli trays, so I was hoping for something special, like BBQ meats or specialty meats (like venison/buffalo).

Ideally, a place that delivers and has gift certificates would be best, so that the choice of what to get is up to the recipients.
The location to be delivered to is Buffalo Grove (/Arlington Heights), which may be far for some places.

I've done some searching (esp. on metromix), and Smoque BBQ looks promising (if they'll deliver). Most other well-rated BBQ joints either do not serve beef/brisket or don't seem to offer catering.

If anyone knows of other good places that are either local to Buffalo Grove or cater, including online caterers, please do mention them.

Many thanks

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  1. Sweet Baby Ray's has two barbecue restaurants in the O'Hare area (Wood Dale and Elk Grove). They specialize in catering off-site parties. I know that they cater to Buffalo Grove because I was at a party this past year several towns north of Buffalo Grove that they catered. It was very good, too. However, I don't know if your order size meets their minimums; you would need to discuss it with them.

    Other than that, you might try the barbecue places that are close by and known to deliver. I haven't been to either, but the Metromix listings for Brothers Ribs in Lake Zurich and Bobby Q's in Arlington Heights say that both deliver.

    You should be able to arrange gift certificates (or a prepaid meal to be charged to you) at just about any restaurant.

    I doubt that Smoque delivers, especially at such a distance. They have trouble making a sufficient quantity of food for the customers in their restaurant!

    1. For small orders you have 2 choices, Messenger companies and Taxi services. Both will accomadate you if you handle all the arrangements. FYI_ messengers will quote you a flat rate.

      1. take out taxi has a listing of all the restaurants and service areas. I do believe Buffalo grove is partly in the delivery area.

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          That website shows Famous Dave's in Vernon Hills as delivering to Buffalo Grove.

          Another website which you can use to look up restaurants that deliver to your area is although it often works better for city neighborhoods than for suburbs.

        2. There's a Brother's BBQ in Palatine at Euclid & Quentin or Mundelein at 45 & 60. Pretty decent BBQ. I've heard good things about Bobby Q's. Russell's on Algonquin Rd. in Rolling Meadows is great and an old time name for bbq but you'll have to pick it up. Good luck!!!

          1. I don't know about delivery, but Smokin' T's in Long Grove isn't far away and does excellent smoked beef (boneless short ribs) and they do offer catering.


            Bobby Q's and Brothers both serve ribs you don't need teeth to eat.