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Jan 29, 2008 07:37 PM

Need Avenue/Bathurst & Eglinton Recco

Specs are:

- any cuisines
- reasonable radius... don't want to sit in east/west traffic for more than 10-15 mins. Not east of Yonge please.
- up to $50/pp (no drinks), not casual (burgers and fries) and not silly and pretentious
- 2 people (non-romantic!) for non-monday weekday

Thanks to all who can recommend their favorite place and what to order and what not to order.

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  1. Fat Cat (Eglinton, just west of Avenue) is great, but probably out of your price range.

    There are a couple of good Italian choices between Avenue and Spadina, on Eglinton. I think your best option would probably be Autogrill -- pretty solid food (in particular, I recommend the pizza, but most things I've had have been good) and a nice but unromantic atmosphere. There's also Ferraro's across the road if you're looking for a more family-style, noisier atmosphere. The new Seven Numbers is also in that area, and some Chowhounds might recommend it, but my SO and I had a pretty mediocre meal when we went there (we liked the old one better).

    If you're interested in Asian, I also definitely recommend Xaphire -- It's good, fresh, flavourful Asian fusion.


    1. Fat Cat is the best in the area, but their normal menu is at the high end - you'd have to choose carefully.
      But Winterlicious is now on - you take your chances anywhere with that (I'm not a fan), so you can potentially make your price target easily.

      1. I'd go to Jerusalem on Eglinton, west of Bathurst.

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          I would go to the Autogrill, if only for their 'mushroom risotto'!!! It is not something I take time to make at home and love it when someone else makes it..and really well too!

          1. re: pescatarian

            Second Jerusalem. Their fried tomatoes and fried eggplant are amazing :)

            I've also been meaning to try Halleluia- I understand they serve Israeli-style Middle Eastern food but they also have a few Uzbek dishes on the menu.

          2. We are not fans of Autogrill - food is ok but I kind of feel like I am in a cafeteria. How about Edo? After too many disappointing Summerlicious/Winterlicious experiences, we now avoid all, with one exception - Edo does a terrific Winterlicious meal. Very pleasant service too.

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            1. re: canddlovegreatfood

              I forgot about Edo. It's great sushi (a little pricey, but worth the extra cash). Try the tuna carpaccio -- it's not on the menu, but is divine. I find service to be hit and miss, but I still go there.

              I agree with the comment about Autogrill's atmosphere (it's a bit cold/stark) but the food is quite good, and the pickings in that neighbourhood are fairly slim.

              1. re: canddlovegreatfood

                I used to like Edo also, but I haven't been there in years. Has anyone been there recently who can comment on it's current quality.

                1. re: pescatarian

                  What about Sado Sushi (2 blocks east of Allen Road on the north side of Eglinton)? Amazing sushi, amazing service.

                  1. re: rbc

                    I went to Sado Sushi and thought the food looked too good to eat...I did eat it but thought it looked better than it tasted......there are more
                    than enough Japanese restaurants around where you can be gratified that if you want to appreciate the food and the 'plating' don't have to go to Sado Sushi.....I would not go back.

              2. There is also Seven Nunmbers.