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Jan 29, 2008 07:02 PM

Friday Night Recommendation

Need a recommendation for Friday night dinner - Have a work thing and 4 of us are staying to indulge in some great food and ambiance, the works, in Chicago. We are seeking something really special and hip but not stuffy $60-$100 per person max - but could be less - We are staying at Delaware and Michigan - although not our first trip, it's probably best to stay close to there.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You are a couple of short blocks from Cafe Spiaggia, for excellent Italian food in a casual setting, easily within your budget. That would be my top recommendation.

    Other excellent places close by and within your budget include:

    Bistro 110 (French bistro) -
    Le Colonial (French Vietnamese) -
    Hugo's (seafood) -
    MK (contemporary American) -

    All of these accept reservations on

    1. There are tons of great places right around there. One of my favorites is Bandera, which is right on Michigan Ave, just a few blocks south of you. It's on the east side of the street on the second floor. If you get a window seat you will have a great view, and the prices are reasonable. Even if you don't get a window seat, it is a great relaxed atmosphere. It is casual American comfort food.

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      1. Definitely check out Hugo's on Rush Street at Bellview just a couple of blocks away! Great food and ambiance. A great place to people watch in a bustling space. Hugo's shares a kitchen with Gibsons but is a few dollars less expensive.