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Jan 29, 2008 06:30 PM

Need Help! Finding where they serve a Special Drink

Ok hounds, I come from a place called Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and I now live in downtown Toronto. Back home they have whats referred to as either a Snowdrift or an Iceberg. It consists of ice cream and slurpy or "slush" as some may say. Now this can be a mix of any flavor of slush and any flavor and kind of ice cream hard or soft serve. One of my favorites was coke slush with cookie dough ice cream. Amazing combo. There is also classic like soft serve vanilla and orange slush to make a sort of creamsicle. There is so many different flavor variations that are so good and I cant find anywhere in Toronto that does this. Can anyone tell me where they serve this?

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  1. I think we call them Screamers in Alberta. I have a friend who's a big fan... she says she found some at one of the ice-cream trucks in the Annex. I don't think you'll find many of those around until spring though. :(

    Have you tried Dairy Queen?