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Sep 22, 2001 02:43 AM

Rehearsal Dinner in Westwood area

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We are having a wedding at the Hotel Bel-Air in February.
We are looking for a place to have a rehearsal dinner nearby
that is moderately priced. We looked at Hamlet Gardens in
Westwood Village but that seems a bit overpriced.
Any opinions will be appreciated

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  1. First, congratulations!

    As has been discussed many times on these boards, there aren't a great many moderately priced restaurants in Westwood Village.

    What are you looking for? Elegant? Middle-of-the-road, inoffensive? Fun?

    For something boisterous, try Delphi greek restaurant on Westwood Boulevard. For something middle of the road, try just about any place in Westwood -- you might even do better at California Pizza Kitchen or BJ's Pizza than going to one of the "nice" places like Napa Valley Grille / Palomino. And for elegant, well, I don't really know -- EuroChow can hardly be called elegant in the traditional sense, but it isn't as overpriced as one might expect. There's no real "finds" in Westwood Villeage, I'm sorry to say; the best food comes south of Wilshire at the Persian / Greek places...

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    1. re: Jeff Shore

      Thanks Jeff,
      I pretty much expected your response but thought I should ask anyway. I searched through all the threads on the first page and saw nothing on Westwood, apparently I missed something. We are looking for something middle-of-the-road with a quiet area for up to 20 people. We looked at the Hamlet Gardens. They seem nice, does anyone have experience eating there? Thanks again, Jeffrey

      1. re: icurate

        Wife and I have been to HG at least a half dozen times over the last 5 years. Everytime we come out we basically say, boy that was a lot of money for what we ate. We actually like Palamino better. Certainly not great food, but the price to value ratio seems better. Have you checked out, ah hell am blanking on the name-somebody out there help me, the french place on Wilshire Blvd. just a block west of Bundy on the north side of the street. They have a separate patio that closes off from the main room. How about 17 Street Cafe on Montana in Santa Monica, they have a nice little side room.

        1. re: icurate

          Blank spot revived, Le Petit Zinc.

      2. Since you're a small party consider the restaurants Pomodoro or Sprazzo on Westwood just south of Wilshire. Pomodoro is quite good and you could even reserve the whole restaurant which would be festive.