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Jan 29, 2008 06:05 PM

Chutney Bar Winterlicious Must

This is by far my best experience from winterlicious. The service was great friendly unrushed and even went on friday night.

If you go I suggest the

Jamican Jump Soup
Chicken Bangkok
Chocolate Cake Dessert

Can't wait to go after winterlicious and try the Beef Tenderloin

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    1. re: 5andman

      Greg Couillard's Spice Room & Chutney Bar
      55 Avenue Road

      1. re: visualhornet

        Thanks for the review! We have Winterlicious reservations for next Wednesday and I will definitely keep your recommendations in mind!

    2. I had a very very nice dinner at the Spice room last night. Everything was perfect. This is the best one yet.

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      1. re: Suresh

        i'm going here next Monday night...the good reviews have me very excited!

        great review Suresh

      2. For what it's worth in terms of a thumbs up, a foodie couple we often have dinner with said they had a very nice Winterlicious dinner at Greg Couillard's Chutney Bar over the weekend. Makes me want to see if they still have openings!

        1. I had a decent dinner meal there this week, but nothing really earth shattering. The soup was truly excellent. In fact, it was so good the rest of the meal seemed pale in comparison. I don't know who wrote the 3 course menu, but it was very choppy from a flavour cohesion perspective. I felt like I ate three separate dishes that had nothing to do with one another.

          1. I differed in that I had the Osso Buco. Unbelievably good! From my first taste I was in complete love. The flavours were so deep and rich and the portion generous. We were also given an apple caramel tart with the chef's compliments. It was fantastic.
            It was my first visit and was struck by how attentive and friendly the staff were. We were made to feel very welcome and very comfortable. I have since recommended it to many others.

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            1. re: Julie McCoy

              I AGREE!!! I have been participating in both winter and summer-licious events for over two years now and I try to go to atleast two restaurants per licious.
              Our meal last nite (wed. Jan 30th) was outstanding..the soup, my salmon, the choc. dessert...the service was amazing, and we werent rushed at all.
              (we had a 6:30 p.m reservation and left close to 9 p.m.).
              My friends were equally happy with their selections...the salad, the osso buco, and their sherberts.
              A WINNER!!