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Jan 29, 2008 05:47 PM

late night handout?

A friend and I are meeting this week around 7:30. We would like to find a cafe/bakery/restaurant to get some coffee and dessert. I have had a hard time finding a good place open untill 9:00 or so (so we can talk...) Anyone have a suggestion? Near the loop would be best, but we are willing to travel. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Atwood Cafe, in the Hotel Burnham at State and Washington, is open till 10 during the week (later on weekends) and is a good place for coffee and dessert.

    Fox and Obel is not too far from the Loop, and open till 9 every day, and you can get coffee and dessert at the cafe in the rear of the store.

    Hot Chocolate is perfect for this, but it's 3-4 miles from the Loop, in Wicker Park.

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      Hot chocolate is not a place I would go to have a conversation. The selection and volume of music played there is outrageous. Not conducive for good conversation.
      Fox and Obel is an option. Is Moonstruck on Michigan still open? Wonderful chocolate and goodies to boot. Ghiradelli just off Michigan Ave, I think around Chicago or Water Tower Place Food Life.

    2. Three great options with lots of character
      The Third Coast on Dearborn at Goethe has been around forever. It's perfect! Open Late Late.

      Artopolis Cafe in Greektown on Halsted is quite cool and has plenty of homemade desserts, salads, entree's.

      Iguana Cafe on Halsted near Grand Avenue.

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        I totally agree that Third Coast would be perfect. They used to be open all night. They are now only open until midnight. Definitely late enough for the OP.

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          Yep, I have fond memories of my late nights at The Third Coast..ah those were the days! It has such a cool sort of artsy underground vibe.

      2. Thanks for everyones help!