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Jan 29, 2008 05:18 PM

What's good/interesting chow around E 64 & 3rd?

Visiting from Toronto, not first time in NYC and willing to cab or subway around for good chow, but wondering if there are any good spots around E64 & 3rd. Ethnic would be a bonus - any cuisine!

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  1. I lived in the neighborhood for 10 years. I would suggest Mediterraneo for Italian on 66th and 2nd. For southwestern, I'd suggest Maya on 1st and 62nd or Rosa Mexicana. Another good Southwestern choice a bit further north is Canyon Road on 1st b/w 76th & 77th. Ko Sushi on 70th and 2nd is above average. All are reasonably priced and good food with a great atmosphere. Per Lei and Baraonda are also good choices although a litte more pricey.

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      Thanks - You must be psychic - I was actually hoping I'd get some recs for authentic Mexican / Southwestern.
      Any chance of a decent Sichuan place nearby?

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        Maya is excellent (and between 64th and 65th st, not 62nd). But skip their Guacamole and try the ceviche appetizer instead. It's awesome. Note that it is a bit expensive (about $45-$60 per person including everything).

        I recommended Canyon Road in previous posts on this board and it offers a good value (though also a very slow service) but it doesn't come close to Maya.

        I'd skip Rosa Mexicana, unless you want good guacamole (which you can easily make yourself -


        Palacio Azteca on York Ave @ 74th has satisfying and cheap burritos. Nothing else is good there.

        Grand Sichuan 2nd Ave @ 55th. Try the Chong Qing Spicy Chicken and the Sichuan Shrimp Wonton w. Red Oil among other things. (This location has recently changed ownership).

        If you don't care about money, try Sushi Seki on 1st Ave @ 62nd for Modern style sushi. Another expensive option is the Japanese yakitori, Tori Shin on 1st @ 65th.

        On the other extreme of the price spectrum, you can't beat Chicken Kitchen on 2nd Ave @ 62nd. Just ask for a juicy chicken. none of the sides are really good but the chopped salad, tabbouleh and black eyed peas are decent.

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          Also, Scalinatella 61st St @ 3rd ave. I've never been because it's way too expensive but some say this is the best Italian in the city.

          More importantly, you're a block away from the F train which runs express in Queens and will take you to jackson heights in 10 minutes. Jackson Heights is culinary heaven. Search the outer boroughs board for these names: Sripraphai, Spicy Mina, Taqueria Coatzingo, Deshi Biryani, Zabb, Renee's and the carts along Roosevelt Ave.

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            I've heard great things about Scalinatella from a friend whose opinion I value - he and his wife love the place.

    2. Add Za Za to the list for great Italian, and a new wine bar/restaurant *just* opened on the corner of 1st & 64th ... Felice.

      Also Accademia del Vino is new and good.

      Il Vagabondo is a neighborhood staple .. and you can play bocce.

      Finally, for a great diner breakfast, you can't beat Tramway, on the corner of 2nd & 60th beneath the Roosevelt Island tram.

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        I believe davidburke & donatella is in that area.
        We had a delicious meal there and we opted for eating in the quieter bar area rather than the more opulent dining room. I guess it all depends upon how you feel about these things. The restaurant design was quite smashing.
        Service was attentive without being pretentious.

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        1. We enjoy Pongal for Indian vegetarian on First Ave. at 65th or so. Also Candle Cafe for vegan meals on Third at around 75th.

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            I second Accademia del Vino