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Jan 29, 2008 04:55 PM

Tony Lukes Yuk!

Lunch this past friday

Cheeseburger some terrible formed processed meat patty.

Cheese steak half stale roll dry tasteless meat.

Italian hogie not bad

Onion rings a big fused together cold greasy mess

Got the burger based on Holly's recs. Man he needs to update his site.

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  1. 1) WHICH Tony Luke's? In Center city? Or south Philly?

    2) ONLY thing to buy at Tony Luke's (no, really!) is the roast pork with rabe and probvolone. why else would you go there?

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    1. re: Alice Letseat

      South philly. your right , should have stuck with the pork

    2. Always pretend its a one item menu at Tony;s

      Roast Pork Rabe Sharp

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      1. re: GBak504

        I don't know- the chicken italiano is pretty rockin'

      2. The Inquirer ran a story yesterday that they're going to start selling Tony Luke's in grocery stores. They're going to make a kit with roll, meat, sauce, etc.. Sounds pretty awful.

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        1. re: Den

          I, for one, have never understood the infatuation with Tony Luke's. Absolutely mediocre at best and isn't even as good as Pat's/Geno's. They may very well have the WORST rolls in Philadelphia.

          1. re: mitchh

            I wasn't going to say it first but your right Mitch. Pats is better.

            1. re: scottb

              I have never liked TL's either. I think their cheesteaks are terrible and Dinic's blows away there roast pork and so does John's.

        2. wow - that sounds awful. totally opposite from the 100's of meals we have had at the Oregon Ave location. Did you eat there? onion rings don't travel well

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          1. You shouldn't base you opinion on one meal you had there. Maybe you caught them on an off day. I don't want to start the discussion of who's better at what, because everyone is partial to what they know, but TL makes some good sandwiches/breakfast sandwiches. I'll take it 90% of the time over the other 2 guys if I have to choose.