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Sep 21, 2001 07:44 PM


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I'm supplying the BBQ for a little gather tonight. I'm in Hollywood and hoping that there's somewhere good and reasonably close by (don't want to go to Hoaglie Woaglie's in the valley or Woody's in Inglewood. Anybody have any clue? Thanks very much in advance

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  1. Some people seem to enjoy The Pig, on La Brea (East side, couple of doors down from the movie theater) just South of Melrose. Others detest it. I found it fairly ordinary. At least it's Hollywood.

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      Adrian Hopkins

      Yes, I've also been to "The Pig". The decor and menu seem interesting enough, but the actual food is quite a letdown. It's bland, and has no particular character of it's own. I have not gone back since.

      1. re: Adrian Hopkins

        Check out "Hustons" on Cahuenga just below Hollywood Blvd.

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      Vanessa On The Town

      Just went to King's Texas Barbeque on Sunset between Echo Park and Downtown. The meat was really good, falls apart and melts in your mouth. Had the combo which has chicken, ribs, beef and sausage. Very tasty, although I found the sauce a little too sweet and thick for my tastes. I prefer a thinner, tangier sauce. But I would definitely go back and I recommend it. Very downhome atmosphere, outdoor seating and big barrel barbeque pits outside just a smokin'. The family that owns it hails from Marshall, Texas originally.