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Jan 29, 2008 04:43 PM

chinese new year dinner

im without a mom this year... my first chinese new year on my own (with a very non-chinese boyfriend). what should i do? are there restaurants that do chinese new year dinner? ... what should i take out/get/eat at? i feel so left out!

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  1. I can't vouch for it as I haven't tried it yet but apparently you can order traditional Chinese New Year dishes from T&T (of course, where else?) They even have the more intricate ones that most people wouldn't do in one's home. My parents ordered the 'Jumping Buddha Wall', look forward to trying it.

    Keep in mind some dishes need to be ordered beforehand and picked up day before/day of.

    1. Most Chinese restaurants offer New Year's dinner, and eating out if far more fun (otherwise, it's just another day at home).
      Look around your area, go in and check out the menus (most places have a set meal menus for New Year, for medium to large groups). If you're a couple, you'll probably want to order a la carte, so check that regular menu.
      Order whatever sounds good.
      If a small group/couple, avoid large places that cater to big groups - look for places that normally cater to tables of 2-4. Large places often do specific dishes well, especially those sought by large groups (like whole fish, whole chicken/duck, expensive/large sized dishes), but their general menu fare is often mediocre.

      And make a reservation or two, or be prepared to wait in line....

      1. try to round up some friends? It's not really a n.y. meal w/o a big group of folks to share with. Most set meals at restaurants require at least 6-8 people.

        I am in the same boat as you btw.

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            sounds like a cny chowhound meet-up might be called for ;)

          2. yes groups are good, but ... where? please suggest places!

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              I'm willing to suggest Richmond Hill stand-bys like Ambassador or O-Mei, but you'd better hustle - without a reservation, you're going to be turned away. (And I don't mean you'll be asked to wait, I mean you will be turned away. It happened to us at about six places two years ago when we forgot to reserve.) We ended up at the Keg, for chrissake.

            2. I just made reservations for New Year's at Lai Wah Heen, and there was no problem. They said they had lots of room. That said, can I piggy back this request and ask if anyone has recommendations? Like, there's a special New Year's prix fixe menu. Is it a good idea? Better off ordering off the menu? If so, what do we choose?

              We're a party for two, so I don't think we'll be having the Peking Duck. Or should we?

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                i've never been fond of prix fixe menus, esp. for special occassional dinners. things are pre-made, they come out cold, and .... it's just ugh to eat. yeah, i think im gonna do an a-la-carte thing like almost everyone is saying here... but just need to pick a place. a girlfriend and a boyfriend and i are gonna do it together .... :) but we're doing it on the saturday after new years! :) so, not on the day of...