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Vegetarian Superbowl Snacks

I'm looking for vegetarian recipes for a Superbowl party. All I can think of is some dips (taco dip, guacamole, for example) and maybe some cheese enchiladas. I'm looking for more creative suggestions. Any ideas?

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  1. quesadillas are a good choice--you can use different veggies.
    veggie chili could work well.

    1. how about nachos--veggie chili, cheese, sour cream and hot sauce. or potato skins with cheese and sour cream. my family loves dill dip with carrots, other veg, and cubed french bread. 1 cup sour cream, 1 cup mayo, 1 T dried minced onion, 1 tea Spice Island Beau Monde seasoning, and 1 tea dill weed. Mix and refrigerate for a couple of hours. Serve in a hollowed out round french loaf or a pretty bowl.

      1. I deep-fried okra once and served with a chipotle mayo dipping sauce.

        1. if you want to serve dips, just get creative & move beyond traditional superbowl fare - e.g. spicy black bean dip, edamame hummus, white bean w/roasted garlic & sun-dried tomatoes....etc.

          other ideas:
          roasted veggie skewers
          stuffed mushroom caps
          crostini with various toppings - tapenade, roasted pepper spread, etc.
          mini "tarts" made with a focaccia base and various toppings - vegetables, goat cheese or herbed cheese spread, caramelized onions...
          antipasto platter with cheese & marinated veggies
          lentil-walnut paté [or your preference] with crackers
          parmesan crisps [frico]

          you could also make several different vegetarian wraps & slice into small pieces secured with toothpicks.

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            Wow! My husband has a friend, who's recently been trying vegetarian, coming over to watch the game. After reading through your suggestions, I'm not sure I'll be making anything with meat for the rest of the gang - all of your ideas sound delicious, and my style as well as the foodie friend for whom I'll be making them. Thanks for the great ideas!

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              my pleasure... if you really want to look like a superstar, serve my smoky black bean dip & homemade chips. everyone always goes nuts over both...


              1 19-oz can black beans, drained & rinsed
              2 large garlic cloves, coarsely chopped
              2 Tbsp.coarsely chopped onion
              ½ cup loosely packed fresh cilantro [leaves & stems]
              1 Tbsp. fresh lime juice
              2 Tbsp. low- or nonfat sour cream or yogurt
              1-2 chipotle chiles in adobo, coarsely chopped [amount depends on heat preference]
              1 tsp. ground cumin
              ½ tsp. red chili powder
              ½ tsp. smoked paprika [pimentón de la vera]
              salt and freshly ground pepper

              in a food processor, combine all ingredients except salt & pepper. process until smooth. taste for seasoning, add salt & pepper to taste, and blend thoroughly. if you prefer a thinner dip continue processing and add water 1 Tbsp. at a time until desired consistency is reached.

              transfer to a serving bowl, garnish with 2 Tbsp. of chopped cilantro if desired, and serve with homemade chips [see below], and/or crudités.

              a couple of notes:

              re: consistency...i like my dips VERY thick, so depending on your preference you'll probably want to add some water to loosen it up a bit

              re: heat...i love it, so i always go heavy on the pepper & chiles...but if you're not into spicy, start off with just a little. you can always add more.

              3 T lime juice
              1 T canola oil
              1 tsp. cumin
              1 tsp. chili powder
              1 tsp. smoked paprika
              1 tsp. sea salt
              1 pkg. corn tortillas

              pour lime juice & oil in a mister/sprayer [i use a misto] and shake to combine.
              combine cumin, paprika, sea salt & chili powder [increase this if you want more heat] in a bowl.
              stack tortillas, cut into triangles & spread out on a sheet pan.
              mist triangles lightly with lime juice/oil mixture, and sprinkle generously with spice mixture. bake at 400 degrees for 3-4 min.
              remove pan from oven, turn chips over, season other side, and return to oven for another 3-4 min.
              cool on a rack for 10-15 min.

              if there are any left over [which is rare], they keep really well in a sealed plastic bag.


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                GHG, just finished preparing your black bean dip...VERY good! I know we'll love it even more in a while after the flavors set up a bit...thanks!

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                  crap, i meant to tell you to make it the night before to let the flavors meld & develop...

                  next time :)

                  go giants!

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                    Some dips benefit from sitting for flavors to develop, it's true; this one tastes excellent straight away, though!

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                      so glad you liked it! hope your guests did as well.

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                  I made this - its great. It only got 4 hours to mellow, but that was enough. I misread the instructions and blended the spices for the tortillas with the lime juice and oil, so then I just brushed it on the whole tortillas, stacked them (so they got some of the mixture on the other side too), and sliced them. Worked out fine, although I haven't tried the other way. Thanks!

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                      Don't know if you'll see this, GHG, but I made your dip tonight and used it in a Mexi-lasagna. I love it! Thanks!

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                        finally made your dip last night, AWESOME!!!!! Wow, full of flavor and sooo healthy. I'm going to try to expand on this by making a soup - I'm sure someone has done this already but why not make a double batch and take half to make a great bean soup. I'll report back. We used a whole grain tortilla chip rather then making my own - so fantastic - thank you again. This will be my summer healthy delish dip.

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                          i'm so happy you enjoyed it! thanks for reporting back :)

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                      Hey I just happened across this thread sorry to be reviving something from so long ago. I have just started eating healthier and cooking in general really and was looking for something like this.

                      I am wondering on the 1-2 chipotle chiles in adobo, coarsely chopped [amount depends on heat preference] part of the recipe is this 1-2 of the cans or 1-2 of the peppers in the cans? And what about the sauce dump it into the mix or not?

                      1. re: Momboman

                        1-2 chipotles means 1 or 2 peppers, NOT 1 or 2 cans...unless you *really* dislike the people who will be eating the dip ;)

                        when you fish the peppers out of the can they usually have at least a little sauce clinging to them, but if you want it a bit spicier you can definitely add some extra sauce - i usually do.

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                          Ok great thanks so much. Your very quick :) I expected it was 2 peppers but I wanted to make sure because I do like it spicy. I am going to make it tomorrow mourning probably so I can have it tomorrow night.

                          Thanks again!

                3. How about some quick pickles? A day before, you pour the brine over your veggies (carrot sticks, cauliflower florets) and let them sit. Great for munching, plus you break up the dips and cheese by having some nice crunchy veggies. Smitten Kitchen has a few recipes and her reviews of them if you search for "pickle" (www.smittenkitchen.com).

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                  1. quorn nuggets tossed in a buffalo sauce
                    tempura vegetables
                    beer battered mushrooms
                    veggie chili
                    falafel balls

                    1. These Zucc corn black bean quesadillas from food and wine look great
                      Also, last weekend I made Chow's Chickpea cutlets and they were really good. You can make mini hoagies with them. Also made Chow's grilled cheese sandwiches on pretzel rolls. They were REALLY good.

                      1. Maybe...

                        Devilled eggs, esp. with interesting flavors- dill, curry, etc.
                        Hollowed out bread with cheesy hot dip inside
                        Mini spanakopita
                        Fried cheese ravioli with marinara dipping sauce
                        Twice baked potato halves (small) with broccoli/chedder or salsa/cream cheese

                        I think the key to Super Bowl food (at least with my fam) is having hearty, familiar family fare, so I look for things that have the same "pub food" feel. Just meatless, of course.

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                          re: the deviled eggs, they'll work if you're dealing with lacto-ovo vegetarians, but most traditional vegetarians won't eat eggs.

                          dairy is a bit more commonly acceptable, and i assume the guests do eat it since the OP mentioned cheese quesadillas. then again, one could always use soy or rice cheese.

                          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                            Ahh, good point. Though many veggies I know (including myself) will eat unfertilized eggs- though vegans (like my MIL) will not.

                        2. I would make smoked pork ribs with carolina gold sauce and cajun bbq'd chicken wings. Oh, that's what I'm making.

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                            Mini egg rolls made with with wonton skins

                            1. ok let's try this again!!




                              You could also try those "meatball" dishes that are baked with 1/2 chili sauce 1/2 grape jelly.... kind of simple, but .....would suit the occasion? How about some samosas or spanikopita ??

                              the layered refried bean dip is good (breakstone's recipe)....and i love this greek dip
                              (scroll down to the holiday open house, with the layered greek dip


                              If you are looking for more filling, leave simmering on the stove stuff, try this:




                              got a great vegetarian chili recipe here if you want that as well !!

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                                im nomad- thanks for posting the fried pickle recipe! I loooove fried pickles- although the pic here shows them as fried spears... I prefer them in skinny slices, so they're sort of like hot dill chips.

                                1. re: happybellynh

                                  YW ! I saw these once and only once on a menu, and intrigued, i had to order them ! They were pretty good, and looked exactly like this, so i was pleased to find this one myself !!!

                                  1. re: im_nomad

                                    There's a place just outside New Orleans (where they're pretty easy to find) that serves them in super-skinny slices, dipped in a thick batter- almost like southern friend chicken... I've tried to re-create in kitchens I've worked in and it's never quite the same- but you've inspired me to maybe give them a try this weekend! The party I'm going to will have a huge fryer for wings, so why not?

                              2. A middle-eastern spread would be enjoyed by vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. You could make hummus, baba ganuj and salad with feta, olives, cucumber, onion and tomato. Serve with hot pita bread.

                                1. You will likely want something that's not messy and is easily held in a hand or on a plate.

                                  Mini-pizzas using fresh dough (if you want to take the time), pita, or english muffins. Either make in advance, take orders (busiest), or if you have a table you can lay out a spread of sauces, toppings and cheeses and let them assemble their own. If you'd like non-vegetarian toppings have a separate baking tray available. Get as fancy or as simple as you like! (Easiest.)

                                  1. Why vegetarian? I'm not suggesting meats, but I've made a wicked chili (with beans) using TVP, and those scarfing it down had no clue that it wasn't meat.


                                    1. How about doing some little fried Indian snacks? Pakoras, samosas, etc with chutneys for dipping. With a cold beer... YUM!

                                      1. I'm of the Rainman school of thought man--hand me a toothpick...

                                        Little red new potatoes baked with garlic herb butter and skewer with toothpicks

                                        Cut a bunch of potatoes into thin thin slices and some turnips and other root veggies into sticks, and make your own form of baked veggie chips.

                                        Fried empanadas with various fillings.