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Jan 29, 2008 04:29 PM

brunch near dupont circle

Our niece is getting married in D.C. in June, and we're looking for a place somewhere in the area between DuPont Circle and the White House for a family Sunday brunch. Among the suggestions we've gotten: Corcoran Gallery, Brasserie Beck, DuPont Grille, Levante's. Not knowing restaurants there, we've much appreciate advice from those of you in the area about these places, and others.

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  1. You should search these boards - this topic is discussed exhaustively. However, I was in the Corcoran recently during brunch (I was not having brunch). It was a very, very sad exprience compared to what I had seen before. Scratch that venue, for sure. Don't know if Beck is open for Sunday brunch.

    1. Is this for a small group or are you talking about renting out a large area for a bunch of out-of-towners? Depending on your size, someplace very nice (especially on the outside patio in the summer) and great for brunch is the much beloved (and mentioned) Tabard Inn.

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        I agree with Jacey that Tabard Inn would be the perfect spot for this brunch, especially if you can get the beautiful and charming outdoor courtyard area.

      2. i cannot say enough about the fantastic brunch experience i had a few months back at old ebbitts grill right around the corner from the white house. it was DIVINE. and very DC if you are looking for that unique experience. i've never done Tabard but people rave and it is definitely on my list of brunch spots to check off. i don't think you can go wrong with either of the two. i would take Levante's off the list, personally, i don't hear much about the place and i just think it is a gamble for a good dc brunch.

        other options: Hudson (if they do brunch) and Firefly (if they do brunch), both are just south of the circle. I went to firefly for dinner a while back and was incredibly impressed with the quality of the food and the atmosphere. it doesn't get very high marks or press on this board but everyone at my table loved their food and the other tables seemed pleased as well.

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          I believe Hudson and Firefly do brunch.

        2. If it isn't a huge group poste has an amazing looking private room, and a beautiful patio, great brunch. They could probably arrange something for a larger group, although it isn't strictly in the area it is closer than Brasserie Beck.

          Tabard Inn would be a good choice.

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          1. Don't know what your budget is, but if you're willing to pay $17-20 for an entree (I usually spend about $50 pp for 3 courses and drinks), the Blue Duck Tavern is by far the best brunch I've had in the Dupont area or in DC writ large - certainly the only brunch that would do well in a brunch-oriented city like NYC, SF or Boston. The vegetable plate with bok choy, anson mills (I think) cheese grits, brussels sprouts and chanterelle mushrooms is perfect; the venison sausage is huge and succulent, etc. The glassed-in rooms in the lounge are good for a family too.

   is their menu.

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              I had a pretty poor experience at Blue Duck for brunch a few months back. The service was bad and it was not really very brunchy. There was not even a basket of brunch pastries on the menu. Their menu is much more like a lunch than a brunch. I felt like brunch was an afterthought and not a focus of their attention.

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                Both Hudson and Firefly do brunch. Firefly, in fact, has what they call a "PJ & B" brunch where you get, I think, a gratis glass of champagne when you go in wearing your PJs. It's comfortable and one of my favorite spots for brunch and dinner.
                Hudson also does a good brunch.

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                  That's a fair criticism - there aren't that many egg/sweet dishes. As to the service, though, you have to sit in the lounge area (where the service is excellent) and not the main dining room (where the service is abysmal). Same menu.