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Jan 29, 2008 04:19 PM

Friendly Thai- Queen and Leslie

Waited 55 minutes for a simple take out while others whom came in and orderd after me got thier food! And to top it they were all offered a discount on thier meals or free spring rolls with thier take out orders and not me. Too tired to ask for money back and order down the street, I politely waited. Was given my food , but thenthat was snatched from me on my way out to accomadate another diner with the same order who also ordered after me and was waiting outside with a dog.Wow.Got home and enjoyed a crappy dinner of ketchup infused pad thai(heinz 57 or no name) and some watery red curry with thin slivers of frozen IQF chicken(ya can tell by the expanded bubbbles in the meat) floating with wilted veg.The steamed rice was o.k. at least. Should have stuck with Kubo radio, at least I could have enjoyed a cold beer while my time withered away(they have no licence).Avoid this place. I hope it become vacant soon so someone can put this little space to good use.

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  1. wow - sorry to hear you had such a terrible experience. I have walked by the place several times and often wondered if I should give it a try. Now I know.

    1. I've never been to that particular Friendly Thai, but the one on Yonge has utterly horrible service. The wait staff stands at the back of the restaurant gossiping and ignoring all the patrons. I had to eventually get a few mouthfuls of water from the bathroom myself at one point: after waiting 30 mins for someone to come by to see how I was doing, I had requested more water, and 15 mins later (in a completely empty restaurant save me and my partner), I was still without.

      The flavours of the food there were acceptable, although the cuts of meat used were cheap, chewy, and unpleasant. One of the very few meals of my life where I wished that I had ordered all vegetarian entrees.

      I highly recommend people avoid all Friendly Thai locations.

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        You should try their new ayce buffet at Queen & Bathurst. The worst Thai in the city (and that's saying something).

      2. Been there too when it first opened. Service was good, but food was lacking in spice. I had to put about 3 or 4 teaspoons of chili sauce to get it up to snuff, but of course, it's not the same as cooking the chilis in the sauce to begin with. Sadly, another east side disappointment.

        1. Yup, me too. Had a terrible meal there and snippy, inept service. I wont' be going back. And yes, it is a cute little spot that would make a lovely little bistro, non?

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            Yeah I can't wait, it was just a sad -sad experience. There was not even a Thai in sight, there were at least 6 staf front and back and the place was dead.Poor management, very poor food. I can't rip them enough. They didn't even try!!!Thats what kills me, they were so ignorant thjey do not deserve a restaurant!!

          2. i had the food a few times, it is definetly decent, not the best thai food ive ever had, very small store, not worth the price, but decent food