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Jan 29, 2008 04:15 PM

Richmond, VA - The Phoenician on Broad St.

I just drove by what used to be La Casita on Broad Street and noticed a sign saying it was now The Phoenician Lebanese restaraunt. Is it open, and has anybody been to it yet? We are not fans of Grapeleaf -- it was good while the Kadi's owned it but we've had a couple of things turn us off since they left.

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  1. I don't think it's open yet, but it looks like it's poised to open soon!

    1. We had occasion to drive by last night -- the restaurant is open! A quick few impressions - the interior is quite nicely decorated, a plate of marinated olives, olive oil, a cheese/yogurt spread and a basket of fresh and crisped pita waits on your table as you are seated. We ordered the grapeleaves (7 to the order, very good) and the fried cheese rolls (5 to the order, equally good). My husband had the lamb chops and I had the beef shawarma. Both are served with rice pilaf and green beans (loobiyeh, very good rendition). The shawarma came with a dipping bowl of tahini, and was pretty good. The lamb chops would have been very good except they had been on the grill a little too long and were pretty charred and a little overcooked. We skipped dessert. It looked like there were several Lebanese wines on the menu, as well as the Lebanese beer, but we skipped these last night. Two starters, two entries, tax & tip around $60.

      We will definitely go back if just for a meal of starters. I did overhear that they were already fully booked for the weekend - I have a feeling it might be this way for a while.