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Jan 29, 2008 03:52 PM

Kosher wedding- Chicago options

My fiance and I are planning a kosher wedding for about 175-200 people in Chicago (city not suburbs). We're both grad students, so we have enough loans and don't want to accumulate more to pay for the wedding.

Can anyone recommend a quality kosher caterer who can do off-site weddings? We're hoping to hold the reception in a hall that does not have kosher kitchens on site. We're fine going dairy or veggie. I'm looking for recommendations other than Danziger or Kirshner's.

Thank for your help!

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  1. This website lists 6-7 places that do full-service on-site (i.e. off-site) Kosher catering:

    I realize that only identifies kosher caterers. Hopefully others here with experience with one or more caterers can give you a more specific personal reference.

    1. Friends of mine had a solid experience with Goldman-Segal.

      You might also see whether Puck does off-site catering, now that they have the cafe at Spertus (though the Cafe itself is meat, I'm sure they could accomodate dairy or parve if they actually cater).

      Perhaps the hotels that have kosher capabilities can do off-site as well? Hyatt Regency does some nice stuff.

      Check out the Guide to Jewish Living online for more info. Type in "catering" and it'll give you pages of caterers:

      Mazal tov!