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Jan 29, 2008 03:52 PM

Newport Seafood in Alhambra...Comments??

My mother and I love golden deli that is in the same strip mall in alhambra next to newport seafood. Although we have never tried Newport Seafood, we have noticed it is always packed. Has anyone ever been and what are you comments? Thanks in advance!!

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    1. Newport is know for their lobsters--very tasty peppery sauce unlike other Cantonese preparation. Their salt & pepper pork ribs and kung pao chicken are surprisingly good, too.

      1. In addition to the lobster (or crab), make sure to get the "shaking beef".

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          Is the "shaking beef" the dish where serve pieces of beef with a side of dipping salt and pepper? We had a delicious beef dish like that a few years ago with some family friends at Newport Seafood (that was the only time I've been there). Our friends who hosted the dinner told us that Newport Seafood is sort of Chinese-Vietnamese fusion unless my Mandarin was so rusty that I completely misunderstood him!

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            Yup, comes with tuk meric (white pepper and salt mixture with lemon juice) for dipping.

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              Your Mandarin isn't that rusty--it's definitely Chinese-Vietnamese. I believe they also have Thai on their menu in addition to Chinese, English, and Vietnamese.

          2. Hey lexusalhambra,

            Yah, as others have said, Newport Seafood is famous for their GIGANTIC Lobsters (my friend once treated a bunch of us, and I kid you not, the Lobster was the size of a dog(!!!) it was ridiculous huge).

            Besides that, they have fresh seafood that's seasonal: Currently they have Live King Crab which was delicious! :)

            Also they currently have Sturgeon, Prepared 2 Ways (Steamed, and Sauteed in an awesome Garlic, Basil Asian Sauce).

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            1. re: exilekiss

              Sounds great!! I am going for dinner tonight!! Very excited for some good seafood!! Thank you for your advice!

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                One last piece of advice: bring lots of cash. At last count, they don't accept credit cards.

            2. yup lobster. but besides that I like to there for their lunch specials. Salt&Pepper fried pork chop for $4.75 or fried fish with basil for $5.75