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Sep 21, 2001 04:15 PM

Any Comments on...

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Coyote Cantina in Hermosa Beach, I believe it is?
Thank You!

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    Carolyn Tillie

    I walk there occasionally for their kick-but Margaritas but in general, I am not a fan of California-ized Tex Mex food (I really don't like cilantro). By all accounts, my friends that do like that style of food love this place and I have found one or two things I can eat there that doesn't repulse me too much.

    I guess I'm the wrong one to comment on it in that respect but I guess I could say that if you like that style of food, you will probably enjoy it.

    1. The Coyote Cantina is one of the only places in the South Bay that is even trying to do anything interesting with Mexican food, and though they don't always get it right they are to be commended for the attempt. Their standard dishes are pretty good, nice carnitas, good soups, and a salad with nopalitos. The innovative ones are hit and miss - the salmon flautas were not to my taste, but a pasta with New Mexico-style spicing was excellent. I haven't been there for a while and need to go back, as I've heard they have a good mole sauce, and if that's true then they're the only ones in the South Bay.

      It's a pleasant place with a nice atmosphere and a good bar, moderate in price and a bit different. Hope that helps...