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Sacramento - Mac & Cheese

Bekah Jan 29, 2008 03:45 PM

Anyone know where I can get some good Mac & Cheese in Sacramento?

I've tried the Jack's Urban Eats version and it was not that great. I found it really dry and reminiscent of the Kraft powered cheese kind.

Help! I'm going through withdrawals....

Thank you!

  1. b
    bennyboy1 Jan 29, 2008 08:22 PM

    Plaza Hof Brau? Never had it but I do know they have it. And it looks good. Looks like the traditional cheddar cheese baked version.

    1. t
      toncasmo Jan 30, 2008 06:57 AM

      the whole foods by my house has pretty good mac and cheese, i've heard roxy does too

      1. lilyalli Jan 30, 2008 08:51 AM

        I really like the Mac & Cheese at Sandra Dee's in Midtown.

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        1. re: lilyalli
          jennyfur Jan 30, 2008 11:36 AM

          Bella Bru has a mac-n-cheese "gratine" on their winter menu in Natomas. I have had it twice...so rich and creamy!

        2. d
          Deanna H Jan 30, 2008 12:31 PM

          California Cafe at Arden Fair has excellent mac & cheese, really rich and creamy, and their bread is addictive.

          1. s
            Sacto_Damkier Jan 31, 2008 08:52 PM

            Boudin SF at the Loehmann's Plaza has a Dungeness Crab Macaroni & Cheese that sounds interesting, but I have not made it over there yet.

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            1. re: Sacto_Damkier
              free sample addict aka Tracy L Feb 2, 2008 12:18 AM

              It is really good and the crab makes it decadent but it is not as creamy as traditional mac and cheese.

              1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L
                Sacto_Damkier Feb 2, 2008 07:08 PM

                I was running late this week and picked up Macaroni & Cheese from Taylor's Market in their premade dinner section. It was VERY creamy with a light cheese flavor. There was a little seasoning that also perked up the taste buds with penne pasta as the base. All in all, a very good M&C - but not traditional elbows and cheddar.

                1. re: Sacto_Damkier
                  jennyfur Feb 6, 2008 05:03 PM

                  Was the seasoning nutmeg...'cause, I love that!

                  1. re: jennyfur
                    Sacto_Damkier Feb 6, 2008 06:04 PM

                    It could have been. Nugget also sells a pre-made macaroni & cheese. Their pre-made stuff is usually top notch.

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