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Jan 29, 2008 03:07 PM

kjs any report of palazzo food...or anyone else

have you eaten at any(most) of the palazzos new spots? what have you heard...thanks

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  1. sad to say, i was in palazzo last week to eat ( when walking from venetian to palazzo, walked by "restaurant row" and the "bam" guy was at delmonico's in the bar area ...i'm not one to bother / annoy a tv personality of emeril's caliber , but he kept looking at me as i walked by so i waved to him and he waved back...he was looking rather...old...a little beaten old is he anyways...yeah ..i know..i've digressed...sorry ) ...anyways...i could not convinced my SO to go somewhere besides grand lux.....grand lux for crying out loud !!! there's another one literally 300 yards away in the venetian ( our server indicated that both places will remain open....are you kidding me ?!?!? why ?

    i'm embarassed to say that's the only place we've tried....sorry !

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      hey no problem, we have all ended up at spots that we not our 1st choices thanks to SO's. thanks for the reply....

    2. I had a chicken wing in the 40/40 Club. It was pretty tasty.