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Jan 29, 2008 03:06 PM

Celery Root shmelry root

Hi folks
I have a ton of celery root here, and want an inventive use for it. I want to make celery root chips. Does anyone have a recipie???????? Please help! Up to my ears in the stuff!

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      that I did, there wasnt much there though. I made celery root chips last night and they were delicious. I find that they are the perfect carriers for my varied salt collection. Last night it was garlic oil and bolivian pink salt... tommorrow I shall try smoked salt and maybe walnut oil. I sprinkled fresh turmeric on top last night.. delish!

    2. My favorite celery root recipe is one that it an adaptation of Elizabeth David's Celeriac Braised in Butter, from French Provincial Cooking. Cut your celery root into matchsticks, putting your matchsticks into lemon water while you cut the rest. In a large nonstick saute pan, preferably 10 or 12 inches depending on the size of your celery root, dump in the celery root, enough of the acidulated water to just cover, add salt, pepper, and a half stick of salted butter, bring to a low boil, and cook until tender, approx. 30 min. Do not let it brown. Cook the whole 30 mins. If you run out of butter, add another half stick.

      You could dress it when tender with fresh lemon juice or good dijon mustard or tarragon vinegar, but I like it as is.

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      1. re: Notorious EMDB

        Thank you... now that is what I am talking about... a REAL recipe.. I am trying this tommorrow night, for sure, sounds delicious! Thanks

      2. I love butternut squash and celery root soup. I roast cubes of the vegetables on a 3:2 ratio at 400 degrees along with onions and a sprinkle fennel seeds, about a tsp. It takes about 50 minutes or so for them to get soft. I then simmer them with chicken stock-- a quart or so, and a little white wine, for about 30 minutes. Once complete, puree.