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Jan 29, 2008 02:39 PM

Menu website for Paris restaurants?

We'll be in Paris during Easter week and I'm starting my restaurant research. Does anyone know if there is a website that would have restaurants AND menus? It would make my research easier. Right now, I compare reviews among this board, Zagat, and Gayot.

Many thanks for your help.

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  1. There is no such consolidated site that I know of. My suggestion is to either buy a Michelin Red guide or search for restaurants on the website. Michelin usually provides URLs for restaurants that have websites and most of the time if a restro has a site the menu is posted on it, but not always. If you are looking for a restro that is not in the Red Guide this will not do you much good but most of the places talked about on this board are in it.

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      Try this one:

      Best are however the websites of the restos. More and more do have one.
      When googling, try with the French site (.fr instead of .com), you'll be more successful.

    2. Trixie, try for a start. From there, you can check the restaurants' web sites by way of the links provided, as well as checking out various reports and reviews. I also found good information through and (i think) For what it's worth, and as many threads on Chowhound point out, you should keep in mind that many restaurants are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, bank holidays... In fact, like you, I'll be in Paris over the Easter holidays--which includes Easter Monday in France--and I had to work a bit to find what I wanted for Monday's dinner (settled on a palace hotel restaurant, as many are open 7 days a week or close to it). Zagat and Gayot are fine, but the site I mentioned includes them, as well as many others. Good luck. By the way, I'd make reservations sooner rather than later: my two big meals are both reserved (dinner at Taillevent was reserved many months in advance, and the hotel dinner was finally confirmed 2 months from the day)...

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        Yikes! Thanks so much for the heads up (and the site info)! Restaurants are closed on Saturdays, too?

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          Yes, many are closed on Saturday especially at lunch. Sunday and Monday are also very common days for restaurants to closed in Paris. The Red Guide does a good job of listing hours and days places are opened / closed. It is also very common for restaurants to only be open set hours such as 1200-1430 for lunch and maybe 1930-2300 for dinner. The brasseries are usually open all day, others commonly have limited hours as described above. There is a Red Guide that covers Paris only, I highly recommend it.

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            I will get the Red Guide, thanks. One last question -- do you think it is too early to make reservations for March 22-24 at Paris restaurants/bistros?

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              it's NEVER too early!!! made taillevent reservations many months in advance, and attempted le bristol reservations soon after--tho' le bristol seems to take reservations only 2 months in advance, not further (was told the same, explicitly, by senderens and le meurice, if memory serves). my suggestion: try to make as early as possible, get back to them again soon after if no reply, and don't abandon the plan! seriously, i don't know about the bistro scene, but it's clearly not too early for the haute cuisine scene. good luck. by the way, i second the brasserie idea for weekends: am thinking of a meal at an in-between hour at bofinger (e.g., late afternoon early dinner)...

              trixie, if you're interested, get in touch--as we'll be in town the same days (i'll be honeymooning, staying at an apartment in montmartre!)...

              1. re: Trixie Too

                Depends. Top end (3 stars), or very fashionable (Spring) then as early as possible. Weekends at popular bistros (Chez L'ami Jean) then a couple of weeks. Probably best to extend this a little for Easter weekend.