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Jan 29, 2008 02:26 PM

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Park Slope...in the Winter

Hey all. My boyfriend and I are former Brooklynites who are coming back for a visit tomorrow and bringing our small dog. We're spending Thursday walking around our old neighborhoods--Park Slope mostly, but also Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill—and I'm worried we're going to have to stand out in the cold eating because we can't bring the dog anywhere.

In the summer, plenty of restaurants have outdoor seating, but what about this time of year? Does anyone know of outdoor seating now with heat lamps and awnings? And what about cafes or bars? Know of any places that won't kick us out? The dog is quite small and mostly hidden in a bag.

Any help would be mucho appreciated. Thanks!!

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  1. You are unlikely to find a restaurant willing to let you bring the dog in. First of all they will generally not let you come through the restaurant with a dog if their outdoor area is in the back. Second, even if the place would let you bring the small dog in a bag into the back -- or if the seating was in the front -- it is too butt cold out even with heat lamps for the outdoor areas to be open right now.

    You might get lucky and find a place that would let you in if the dog was very quiet, unobtrusive, and stayed in its bag. Chances would go up exponentially the later you sit/the less customers there are. Then again, you can take my preferred route which is to take my dog to the bar and order take-out. Many Brooklyn bars are dog friendly.

    1. Call the Pit Stop and explain it to them they are very dog friendly other times of year - let them know its a small dog that will stay in its bag. I wish my dog would fit in a bag.

      1. I could be wrong, but except for seeing eye dogs, aren't dogs in restaurants considered a health code violation?

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          If you think about this - clearly seeing eye dogs or other service dogs dont carry any less plague than the not so service inclined. There are restaurants that open the doors to dogs as well as many bars in brooklyn - Pit Stop is one of them but that may just be open for the summer.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Sorry to tell you this but as mentioned by soupcommie , except for seeing eye dogs, it definitely is a health code violation to bring a dog into any restaurant. The restaurant is subject to a big fine if a dog is found on it's premises.

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              This was never disputed. Nevertheless there are places that allow dogs. In the summer Pit stop is one of them.

              My point was what can you catch from a non service dog that you cant catch from a service dog. No reason to be sorry.

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                But this isn't logic--just because dogs are a health code violation generally and nobody's disputing that service dogs aren't any less hygienic than other dogs doesn't mean that dogs in restaurants aren't unhygienic--just that as a social judgment, regulators have decided that the benefit from allowing service dogs (the service provided) outweighs the health risks, whereas the benefit from allowing other dogs (convenience and companionship) doesn't outweigh the health risk.

                By all of which I mean to say that I don't think this gets us anywhere other than that Pit Stop is now potentially more likely to get an extra couple of visits from the Health Department next summer, which is unfortunate.

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                  They have a garden - its not a violation.

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                    I agree that your best bet is to go to a bar and order in. I would recommend the Gate in Park Slope, or even O'Connors. I doubt either would care about a small dog.

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                      It is a violation if the dog must go through the inside of the restaurant to get to the garden.