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Jan 29, 2008 02:17 PM

Pascal Manale or Casamentos?

When we're in town next April, I want to do some serious exploring/shopping on Magazine Street and am considering one of these restaurants.

PM's would mean getting off the streetcar at Napoleon, eating, then walking to Magazine.
C's is on Magazine, which would be more convienent, but I'll walk as far as I have to for good food!

Anyone have a preference? Why? Any other restaurants I need to consider in that area?


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  1. They're pretty different restaurants. Casamento's is more a "joint" type place, while Pascale's Manale is a little higher class. However, I would say that Casamento's food is far better than what I received at Pascale's.

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      I did a Chowhound search for Pascale's Manale and it doesn't seem too highly thought of on this board, from what I read, except for the barbecued shrimp; is that really the case?

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        The barbecue shrimp are good, not great, and you can do a whole lot better as far as restaurants go here.

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          PM may have been the 1st to do bbq shrimp but they are certainly not the best, over the years they've switched from butter to liquid margerine. you will wait at Casamento's, but it's worth it. If you do go to PM stick to the raw oyster bar.

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            As far as I know (and that's pretty far), PM has ALWAYS used margarine for its BBQ shrimp.

      2. I absolutely LOVE Casamentos. The oyster stew and oyster loaf are great. Be sure to go to the restroom. You trek through the kitchen to get there. The place is kind of funky but good.

        1. I love Pascal's Manale! There's usually a lively atmosphere in the bar/oyster bar area while you're waiting for your table. It's great if you're in the mood for Italian/New Orleans food. The barbecue shrimp are good, but try the combination pan roast (oyster and crabmeat heaven), it's even better. They definitely do not use liquid margerine in the place of butter in the bbq shrimp, that's bogus. It's worth the walk to Manale's anyday.

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          1. I'd take Casamento's any day. Everything on the menu is good. PM really only has bbq shrimp and oysters. The oysters at Casamento's are just as good so unless you're dying for bbq shrimp, you might as well stick to C's. Anyway, you're not going to want to walk all the way from PM all the way to Magazine after a big meal.

            1. Chowed at Casamentos last Friday. Shame the p-rades were postponed, but we lucked out. No wait ! GREAT, super-salty raw ersterz, little bit o'dirty, but having been forewarned(from CH posts) I asked my shuckin' pal-ee-o to keep'em clean. Fat, salty & solid. Good bivalves. Sent the Gumbo back (removed from bill, thank you). The Oyster Loaf was skimpy, with barely a total of 12 scrawny oysters on the whole loaf. Oh well...Fantastic chowing experience, nonetheless. Where ya GOTTA go, ya gotta go up Magazine to Guy's Po-Boys ('till 4pm, 2 blocks DT of Jefferson). Whompin' "Grilled" Catfish , also "Grilled" Shrimp sammies. Whompin' !