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Sep 21, 2001 10:53 AM

My First Tasting Menu

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Hi. Am headed to Santa Barbara this weekend for the firm retreat, and we are going to the Wine Cask for a tasting menu. I have read the posts about the WC, which seem to range pretty dramatically, and that's fine with me, it's a firm dinner, I didn't choose it.

But what I am wondering about, is, what should I expect from a tasting menu? I have a vague notion of them bringing the dishes to the table one at a time, with a different wine for each. I also have a vague notion of them maybe saying something about each wine, introducing it a bit. Is this accurate at all?

I'm looking forward to it, and would love any advice.

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  1. It can be hard to generalize about a tasting menu because restaurants handle them so differently. At some places they assume that diners are really interested in the combinations of food and wine, and there are explanations galore. At others, it's just a multicourse meal and you get information only if you ask for it.

    Please let us know how the Wine Cask does theirs...

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      I'll let you know. Thanks!

    2. Why not call the restaurant and get a sample menu from a recent tasting'll give you a good idea of the capabilities and imagination of the chef.