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Jan 29, 2008 02:10 PM

50th Birthday, group in from out of town

I've read, and researched, til my eyes are crossed; too much choice, not enough knowledge, and 18 years since I was last in NYC. Help, Hounds!

Bringing in a group first wkend in May to NYC to celebrate my 50th. Expecting 12-18 people. Foodies, on a budget. We're staying around 7th/Broadway. Happy to go 15-20 min by cab. Figuring food, pre tax/grats and booze, about $65/head.

Italian looks like it will cover all issues: budget, tastes, vegetarian, teens (and besides, from up in Toronto, we're all sick of Asian!) We're a middle aged group of laughing people; we don't wanna offend fellow diners or wreck someone else's nice dinner, so quiet and dignified is definitely not the order of the day. But not so loud we lose our voices, either!

Lupa already has tent booking for our night but won't cfm til Mar 1; looked at Otto, possibility, but maybe a little TOO casual? Crispo and Apizz both look good, Del Posto tasting menu do-able. Pepolino looked sweet. Help? Any one over t'other, or other suggestions?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. We celebrated a 50th last year. our group is 5 women and we had a great time ay Babbo and Alta.

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      1. re: trishottawa

        Babbo is just way outta my friends' leagues, both taste wise and price wise. I'd LOVE it, but, if I go there, none of them will come to my party! But Alta looks VERY cool...

        Anyone else?

        1. re: The Goddess

          Why mess around? You hit on the right place yourself. Crispo is perfect -- but request the back garden room for more laughs and fun for your group.
          (But remember, it is a very popular place and reservations go quickly.)