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Yikes! Need to find a birthday cake this afternoon (arcadia/pasadena area)

I know it's last minute but it seems we forgot about cake when we planned our birthday dinner for tonight. I need to pick something up this afternoon - nothing huge - there will only be 8 or 10 people. Anywhere from San Gabriel to Monrovia is fine


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  1. Any Pavilions will have a very nice selection.

    1. Try JJ's Bakery in Arcadia on the NE corner of Duarte and Baldwin (the same strip mall that Ding Tai Fung is in)

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        JJ Bakery would be my go to place. You can also check out Ellie's Bakery nearby to see which place has better ready made cakes.

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          Same here. JJ is my favorite bakery, and they always have some premade ones ready to go.

      2. I love the whip cream Strawberry cake at Ruby Bakery in Eagle Rock. They have a lot of them premade and I always get rave reviews when I serve the. Light sponge cake with Whip cream frosting between the layers. Not overly sweet. YUM

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          Ruby Bakery
          5042 Eagle Rock Blvd
          Los Angeles, CA 90041
          (323) 259-9052

        2. Try Wheatberry in Pasadena on Lake Avenue (they have a website). I love their green tea cake--very simple, light with whipped cream. Or Bristol Farms or Union Bakery, both in South Pasadena.

          1. There's also Victor Bene's in Gelsons at the Paseo.

            1. Thanks all - these are great suggestions. I appreciate the help and I'll come back tomorrow and let you know what we ended up doing

              1. For something a little different - try a mango cake from Olympic Bakery (along the same lines as a strawberry cake - only this has thinly sliced mango... very light and very delicious!) They have round, ready-made ones available.

                Olympic Bakery (in the Kmart shopping center - just south of Kmart)
                5623 Rosemead Blvd
                Temple City, CA 91780

                Gelson's and Wheatberry also have great cakes!

                1. Violet's Cakes in Old Pas. If they don't have a cake for you, they have cupcakes. They rock! Much better than Sprinkles IMHO.

                  1. The cakes at Aux Delices in Old Town are good -- especially the chocolate mousse and the fruit tarts.


                    1. The Tres Leches Cake at Von's (Pavilions) made with real whipped cream. No fancy cake can beat this moist, yet simple dynamo. It will cost you $12.99 with decorations and comes in a pretty pink box.