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Jan 29, 2008 01:53 PM

Decadent, delicious, delightful BUTTER in Norwalk

Having a little extra time on my hands, I ventured into the Eastern European deli-like place next to the plumbing supply house on the Post Road for the first time. It's fun to me to stop into ethnic places like this and check out the different offerings from around the world.

For the past year, I have been more than pleased with the Italian butter I've been buying at Balducci's. It has been perfection to me and I have never once considered straying.

Well, when I arrived at the dairy section in this petite store, there were several little bars of butter that looked so cute and inviting - some from Poland, some from the U.S.

Polish butter?

I had no idea it was available locally.

It reminded me of growing up with my granny and the sweet butter always on the table. Back then, I actually think it was Breakstone's sweet whipped, but these days, that brand just doesn't taste the same.

It was interesting to see so many different varieties of butter in different shapes and sizes in this tiny store so I decided I had to try one. It was a tough decision and I must have stood there about 15 minutes caressing and massaging each little bar to decide which one would be the most perfect for me. Eventually, I decided on the following:

Krowka-Masto Wiejskie-Sweet Whipped Butter distributed by Liberman Dairy, Philadelphia

Sometime later that week, I made a piece of toast, buttered it all up, took a bite and saw JESUS!

After I devoured that piece of toast, I started to eat the butter straight from the bar. It was the most heavenly butter I could ever have imagined - a perfect semi-soft consistency and idyllic sweet flavor. I have never done such a boorish thing like this with butter, but I felt like I had died and gone to heaven and didn't care who walked in and caught me in the act!

Since that seminal day in my life, I have thought of every excuse to make something that requires butter. I have eaten more whole grain bread than ever - so at least I'm getting all my fiber - but it's simply an excuse to slather this butter on top of it and have it drip down over the sides.

I am all for making butter its own separate food group.

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  1. I've seen that store but never went in. What else do they have? Fresh sausages by any chance?

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    1. re: vgorgue

      Yeah, I'm pretty sure I saw them - there were a ton of meat choices behind the counter. They had lots of different pierogies, teeny tiny yogurts like you find in Europe and a selection of spices in packets from Poland - I bought a couple of those to try out. There were some items I had never seen before and then your basic stuff like oils, candies, etc. I think they also have a couple dishes available for hot lunch.

      In a way, it was kinda like going to Balduccis to see interesting items from elsewhere without the higher prices.

      And, the ladies behind the counter are true Polish babuska type ladies, which is fun.

      1. re: MasterofLightChick

        Thanks. I'm making a big choucroute this week-end and will see if I can get some interesting sausages to go in it. I will also definitely look at the butters. It's surprising to me that people don't know that butter can come in many flavors and qualities.

    2. MLC

      could you be a little more specific on location. lots of plumbing stores. thx

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      1. re: jfood

        It's in between Falafel Inn and Stew's - on same side as Falafel Inn. I think it's just called Plumbing Supply and it's the only one on that side of the street. There's also a little Italian deli in that particular plaza.

        1. re: MasterofLightChick

          Thanks MLC. Might be Pacific Plumbing. Also if you find Kate's Butter, jfood like this a lot. He thinks Whole Foods carries it. jfood buys it at Greenwich Produce.

      2. very interesting. There's a polish grocery and deli in Stamford, Warsaw Deli. I wonder if they carry it... I'll have to check it out.

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        1. re: adamclyde

          How is that deli A. see it all the time driving down Washington and always want t o stop.

          1. re: jfood

            you know, I've never tried the deli, unfortunately. A long time ago I bought some items there (puff pastry, etc.) which were good, but I've never eaten there. I think there was a very recent comment on the board here about Warsaw Deli though. It was positive... let me look it up.

        2. MLC. Thanks for the note on the butter. I go to this market/deli frequently...usually to pick up cold cuts, sausages and German or Polish candies. All their meats are fabulous. I do enjoy trying the different varieties of sweet (unsalted) butter from other countries. I can find them at Balduccis, Whole Foods, etc., and they are often very expensive. It's worth it sometimes, when I'm baking something that requires a higher quality butter. I will make a special trek over there soon to try out this butter that you have "died and gone to heaven" for.

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          1. re: sonofoodie

            I haven't seen the Polish butters in those other stores - they really stock them there?

            1. re: MasterofLightChick

              Also in Stamford all the polish, urkanian markets sell some great butter, I always try something new because there is nothing like the taste of creamy butter. Is Warsaw the great deli next to the Orchid place downtown or is that some other deli? Also Palmers also has a great variety but more $$$.

              1. re: nbermas

                Not sure about the orchid place, but it's downtown. I think it's the place you are thinking of. You see it on the right as you go south on Washington Blvd.

                Where is the ukranian market? I've seen one on Hope Street (though never been). Are there others?

                Warsaw Deli
                57 Main St, Stamford, CT

                1. re: nbermas


                  Yes, the orchid place is something like Nobu Florists. Jfood understands this is an excellent florist as Valentine's Day approaches