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Jan 29, 2008 01:30 PM

Late-Night Dining in DC/NoVA

My mom is flying into DCA at 10:00 PM, and she's going to be starving. Where should I take her for a bite to eat? I live in Falls Church and her hotel is in Rosslyn, but we'd be totally willing to drive anywhere in a 20-mile radius. (Except Yechon in Annandale, which was really disappointing last time I went.)

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  1. Kabob Palace and Bob and Edith's Diner in Arlington.
    The bar at Rustico serves til midnight.

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    1. re: monavano

      Second Kabob Palace and Rustico. If it's a weekend night, I'd pass on Bob & Ediths.

      1. re: monkeyrotica

        Third on K.P. (which is by far the closest to DCA) and Rustico. If you're up for diner food, I'd go w/ Metro 29 over Bob & Edith's.

        Kabob Palace
        2315 S Eads St, Arlington, VA 22202

        827 Slaters Lane, Alexandria, VA 22314

        Metro 29 Diner Restaurant
        4711 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22207

        1. re: sweth

          metro 29 -- no hassles w/ parking, like g-town. easy to access -- basically at lee hwy and n. glebe rd. in arlington -- so not too far from mom's hotel in rosslyn. something for everyone on the menu. clean, reliable, nice neighborhood.

          they have a spinach pie with greek salad- fabulous! their cream soups are always good. mr. alka loves the double burger deal -- two burgers and fries for 10.50. he also had a really good skewered beef dish (sirloin kabobs?) desserts are beautiful to look at and to eat. open late enough for you, and service is good.

          1. re: alkapal

            An enthusiastic second for Metro 29. Good, reliable food. In fact, really excellent food when the place isn't busy and the food arrives hot and fresh from the kitchen within moments of having been prepared. Logistics and location are stand-outs for your purpose.

            The OP reports that Mom is going to be starved. How about tired? Mom might not be interested in a full meal eating so close to going to sleep. If so, Metro 29's menu serves breakfast choices 24/7.

            Incidentally, I salute Mr. Alka for his ability to eat the double burger meal. Truly a heroic accomplishment!

            1. re: Indy 67

              indy, mr. alka only eats one burger, and takes the other home -- usually that ends up as alka's breakfast! i think he appreciates the good value, as a regular single burger with fries is only a couple dollars cheaper....

      2. re: monavano

        Just tried Rustico for the first time last weekend, and it was stellar. Beer-cheese soup? Sign me up. Special scallops and the white pizza with pesto were fantastic.

        Is there anything else in that area? It was my first venture to that slice of Rte.1, outside of Del Ray.

        1. re: humblegourmand

          Umm... once you're at Rustico, you're basically in Old Town, and I think it's safe to say that there's something other than Rustico in Old Town.

      3. Head for Georgetown where you are likely to find places open a bit later, then it's a quick drive across the Key Bridge to Rosslyn. Closing times depend on the day of the week, but I like La Chaumiere this time of year. Cozy Provincial French.

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        1. re: HSBSteveM

          I don't know if La Chaumiere serves that late - but close by, Bistro Francais would definitely work. They serve very late - and with a nice menu of lighter and more substantial choices, Mom is likely to find something she will like.

        2. Amphora in Vienna is open late and has a little of everything. The food is OK, not exceptional, but the kind of things that hit the spot after 10 o'clock.

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          1. re: MikeR

            amphora is a long haul back to the hotel. it is out past tysons on 123, which is a drag with all the stoplights. you'd be spending a good 1/2 hour-40 minutes to get there from the airport, and at least 20-25 minutes back to rosslyn. mom will likely prefer something close-by. at least, i would, after getting in late on a flight.

            1. re: alkapal

              I have only had pie at Amphora and that was a huge mistake. It was coconut cream and the crust was bad it was a little undercooked, soggy and bland, the meringue was not meringue but whip cream that perhaps was chilled so much or so old it was pretty solid, and even the coconut custard was bad. I couldn't eat it. BF's dessert was pretty much inedible too, as I remember.

              Maybe they have better food, food... Apparently pie is not their thing.

              1. re: ktmoomau

                I've had one pie about two years ago directly from the bakery in Herndon - now that was good. I think it was something more like apple pie, though.

                1. re: ktmoomau

                  I've only been to the Amphora is Vienna. Lunch was very forgettable, would not go back for more meals. My in-laws love their cakes and pastries so we have them at least half a dozen times a year, usually more, but I have not liked anything I've had from there. Some have been really bad--dry cake (and this was one that was special ordered so it should have been fresh). The flavors sound good but have always disappointing. I have heard Herndon is better.

                  1. re: chowser

                    And really I'm not one for sweets to I can't personally say beyond the Apple pie I had. I do have many friends that really tout the bakery, which is in Herndon but different from the restaurant. I've only seen it from the outside (there's a small asian market I go to that's across from it).

                    1. re: Dennis S

                      My in-laws love it. They get all their cakes from there (plus, prices are not expensive compared to other bakeries). I'm just super picky since cakes aren't good for you, they have to be excellent or I won't bother.

            2. I really like Bistro Francais in Gtown and Old Ebbit for late-night. Bistro Francais is has great onion soup but they really do everything well (the whole menu is available all night long). Old Ebbit's raw bar is half-price after 11- sometimes my boyfriend and I will go just for an orcha platter (normally $100).

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              1. re: JAC13

                Good call on Old Ebbitt. I didn't know about the half price raw bar after 11. Is that every night?

                1. re: HSBSteveM

                  Pretty sure it excludes Friday and Saturday nights.

              2. If you are staying in Rosslyn it's not too difficult to head over to Georgetown for a nice french bistro meal at Bistro Francais. I believe they are open until 2 or 3am on the weekends and possibly midnight or 1am weekdays. Usually at that hour they also have a "late bird" special which is a great deal. I can't remember the exact price but I think it's around $25-30 for 3 courses plus a glass of wine. Great late night spot if you are looking for something other then the typical pizza or asian cuisines open at that hour.