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Jan 29, 2008 12:49 PM

Clancy's, La Petite Grocery, or Mat n'Naddies?

We're going to be a party of 6 - maybe 7 - and are trying to decide between these three places. Dick and Jenny's is probably a good example of the atmosphere we're looking for - don't want somewhere too quiet or somewhere too rambunctious. And of course, great food is the number one thing. Much thanks for any suggestions/advice.

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  1. Clancy's is very good food and pretty relaxed vibe.

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    1. re: mikek

      Hardly as casual as Mat & Naddie's, I would say.

      1. re: kmnola

        Yes, but I would also say Mat & Naddie's food hardly holds a candle to Clancy's.

        1. re: mikek

          Agreed. I'd go to Clancy's, of that list. Incidentally, I've walked by La Petite Grocerie at lunch twice in the past two weeks and it was utterly empty at noon.

    2. La Petite Grocery is fancier than Dick & Jenny's, but I think it's good for a nice night out with the size of party you have in mind. My husband and I went for a romantic night out there and realized that the larger parties kind of dominate the atmosphere, so it's louder than we anticipated. So it'd be a nice place for you! The food is very good.

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      1. I would suggest Clancy's. Mat and Naddie's did not impress me at all.

        1. Thanks for all the replies so far. If two of the members of the party are vegetarians, does that change things at all?

          1. I would also say Clancy's - Le Petite just didn't do it for me for how expensive it is, and the service was subpar for a place like that. Never been to Mat & Naddies.

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            1. re: cor

              Agreed. It is very pretty, which seems to be a characteristic of all of J Dondis' places (Sucre, Grand Isle), but I wish the food and service matched the ambiance.