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Jan 29, 2008 12:42 PM

Valentine's Day in New Haven

I'm looking for a romantic spot in the New Haven area for Valentine's Day. What are your (ideally not overpriced) favorites and why? My husband and I actually love Central Steakhouse, though I haven't heard much chatter about it on this board. Roomba and Bespoke seem to be popular; are they worthy of the buzz and their prices? What about Deja Vu?

I'm also curious about "alternative" romantic spots--hole-in-the-wall kind of places that maybe aren't your traditional V-day spots, but exude a certain charm.


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  1. roomba has unfortunately closed.

    bespoke is quite expensive, but it is also amazingly good. i think of it as a hip place to go with friends more than a romantic dinner for 2.

    bistro basque in milford is quite good, and has a cozy elegance.

    l'orcio would also be good for that classic, but not outdated, romantic feel.

    1. RI.P. Roomba. No longer with us. Soul de Cuba, I think it's called, on Chapel is small, lovely and delicious.

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        Soul de Cuba is on the corner of crown and high streets.

      2. Chow is haivng some kind of cabaret show for Valentine's Day that might be fun for an alternative. See Chow is run by by the chef who runs Zinc. It's Asian-style small plates. Very inexpensive and tasty, but no grande cuisine. The place is kind of like a living room - banquettes, pillow etc. The ginger martini is yummy.

        1. Would you go to Branford? Petit Cafe is excellent and they are having a special menu--

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            Scribners in Woodmont is a very nice, cozy out of way place. Seafood is the menu and theme.

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              We've been there and it's great! I love getting the mussels as an appetizer and using the crusty bread to soak up the juices in the bottom.

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                if you like musssels, Foster's has an amazing mussel dish, and good bread to dip in the juice.

          2. Nini's Bistro is a cool somewhat under-the-radar place. It's definetly high-end food, but the decor isn't what I'd call romantic. It's not dowdy by any stretch, but it's rather utilitarian. They have a 4-course prix-fixe meal which under normal circumstances is around $35, but they may raise it around V-Day. The caveat is that they don't have a liquor license, so you'll need to bring your own libation of choice. Their chef is wicked good, well versed in a variety of cuisines.