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Jan 29, 2008 12:31 PM

Super Tortas sauce

Just went to Super Tortas on Vine. Tortas, delish. Sauce...worth considering being buried in. So good. They say they make it themselves. Really? Does anyone know? Is this sauce commercially available? Thanks

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  1. What does it look and taste like? And is this the place?

    Super Tortas
    1253 Vine St Ste 8, Los Angeles, CA 90038

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    1. re: David Kahn

      That is the place, Supertortas 1253 Vine. The sauce was kind of burnt umber (dark orange for those of you who are too post-crayola to remember that one ;-) ) What was great about it was it had a kick of spice but not so much that you burnt off tastebuds.

    2. love love love Super Tortas (either Vine or Alvarado). their basic ribeye torta is delicious...and yah, the salsa's good. it seems to be a variation on the usual taco truck red sauce.

      1. I love the various salsa roja served at taquerias around town, and on the westside the ones at Tacos Por Favor and El Super Taco (kicked up by their unique habanero salsa) are major reasons why I keep returning there rather than always going to others (Taqueria Sanchez) where some of the main offerings are better (the shrimp tacos). But head and shoulders above any other is the thinnish, brick-red salsa roja served at the branch of Carnitas Michaocan on North Broadway and 19th. Smoky, spicy, complex, hot but not just heat, it is truly special. Besides giving a couple of thimble-sized containers with each burrito, they also sell it in a small four-ounce cup or a larger cup for a few bucks. It is positively homemade -- I was there one late afternoon when they poured a bucket full of peppers on the grill as the first step. I enjoy a lot of the others, like the lauded King Taco's, but haven't found another so delicious.

        1. I went to Super Tortas this weekend, and thought it was a solid torta, but I was expecting more. I think El Super Taco has better tortas. I did find myself saying what is this salsa? I've had it before... and then it came to me... Del Taco's Del Scorcho!