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Jan 29, 2008 12:22 PM

Lebanese in Tampa

I LOOOOVE Lebanese food and since the closing of Phonecia...I have yet to know of a place that can live up to not only food,but the enviroment too. Does anyone know of a restaurant that serves lenanese cuisine?

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  1. Byblos is outstanding- food, service, decor. It can be a little loud on the weekends, but it's my favorite. I've heard Soho Oasis is good, but have never been. Then there's a couple of Persian places- sorry that I'm not very informed about the differences in ethnicity, but I believe they are comparable- Morae's Cafe on Fletcher and Mirage in Clearwater.

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      I second the Byblos recommendation!!! Delicious food and reasonably priced

      Byblos Cafe
      2832 S MacDill Ave Unit Unk, Tampa, FL 33629

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          In January had a great meal at Java Village, with cafe and market, 4702 East Busch Blvd., 813-985-7000. Not sure of the Lebanese offerings, but stunning aps, perfect falafel, decent lamb chops, and outstanding pastries. Casual, good service. Love this place.

          Highly recommend. Casual, very little English among patrons. Friendly staff. A great experience.

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            I have to second this, and also mention that the market has a very comprehensive selection of lamb parts for adventurous cooks.

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              They have the best butcher shop I've been to in the Tampa area. At the restaurant, I especially recommend getting Konafa for dessert; it's a great pairing of sweet with slightly salty cheese. There is another good restaurant down the street called Petra, also.

      1. Oasis cafe - across from MacDinton's on South Howard. It's better than Byblos!

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          Java has good pastries and a nice market, but it's not much of a restaurant. No atmosphere whatsoever; I found the schwarma to be dry and flavorless and they don't have flavored labneh like Byblos.

          I haven't visited SOHO Oasis Cafe because when I called about taking a group there, they wanted a deposit for the reservation and a minimum amount spent per person and I don't think they were willing to separate the checks either. Not group friendly- so we'll take our business to Byblos.

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            The restaurant wasn't fully opened until now - today is supposed to be the grand opening, but I'll believe that when I see it! They have a great new grill chef, who just started a couple of months ago. They also opened up a glass enclosed patio with trees growing through the ceiling. Lots more room, and an expanded menu. They were painting the patio last time I was there, so I don't know how it looks finished.

            In Pinellas County, there is a new place called Kebob House (on 580 in Dunedin) that has much better Kibbe Nayieh than Byblos, and great salads too.

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              Thanks for the Dunedin tip. Where on 580 is it?

              1. re: scubadoo97

                1425 Main St, in a little stripmall with a Subway in the front.