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Jan 29, 2008 12:04 PM

Dining in/around Houma, LA

I'm heading to Houma for four days in mid-March. Any restaurant/dining suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. The Samurai Dragon is pretty good. They have good sushi and chinese food as well. Their menu is gigantic, so you'll probably find something you like.

    I've also eaten at Cristiano. It's Italian and has a nice atmosphere. The food is good, not outstanding, but good for a quiet night out.

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      I've been to Cristiano too and second pitterpat's opinion. The duck strip appetizer was good and my meal wasn't bad. However, I feel there has to be some hidden gems around there. More importantly, what in the world are you going to do in Houma for four days???

      1. re: TigerAtty

        Some of the gems aren't so hidden--they're right in the middle of downtown. I like Christiano's too--the best thing I ever ate at C's was a lump crab ravioli w/white truffle oil & fontina. Cafe Milano is italian, with a wood-burning oven; good breads, pizza, grilled items. Franco's is an ambitious little pizza place near Cafe Milano, and Castellano's is a sandwich joint also downtown, lunch only. A new upscale place is set to open on West Main, downtown--can't remember the name, but it is located on the bayouside.

        Melvin's is a sprawling joint, popular with the oilfield services crowd; it overlooks the Intracoastal waterway and has a little of everything on the menu: steaks, seafood, homestyle lunch specials. Strangely, I had good gazpacho at Melvin's last summer--it's not the sort of place you'd expect to get good gazpacho, but it can be nice to sit by the windows and watch the commercial boat traffic glide by. You have to go south thru the tunnel, then make a hard right and wind around to get to the place.

        In the seafood genre, Big Al's has two locations. Both are downhome joints, heavy on the fried & boiled seafood. A branch of the Spahr's fried catfish mini-empire is located inside the Ramada Inn.

        Houma has one thai place--Emerald--on MLK near Target; standard Americanized thai, but nice friendly service & fresh ingredients (it is located where Saigon II was). The aforementioned Samurai Dragon now competes for business with Osaka (sushi, hibachi tables, etc) also on MLK.

        My last meal in Houma two weeks ago was at a tiny taqueria on Grand Caillou Rd, next door to a latin discotheque. Shrimp ceviche on corn tostadas, carnitas taco, pork tamales, real-sugar Mexican cokes. The shrimp ceviche was quite good, but the pork tamales weren't as good as the ones served at Taqueria Magnolia a short distance away.

        Houma has a slew of chains, too: Olive Garden, Outback, Copelands, Lonestar, Ground Pati, and a ridiculous number of all-you-can-eat asian mega buffet places.

        Melvin's Restaurant
        1023 Saadi St, Houma, LA 70363

        Big Al's Seafood Restaurant
        1377 E Tunnel Blvd, Houma, LA 70363

        Cristiano Italian Restaurant
        724 High St, Houma, LA 70360

        1753 Martin, Luther King J Houma, LA

        Franco Pizzeria
        7819 Main St, Houma, LA 70360

        Cafe Milano
        314 Belanger St, Houma, LA 70360

        Osaka Japanese Cuisine
        1867 Martin, Luther King Jr Blv Houma, LA

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          Franco pizzeria is now closed, BTW. I left of Castellano's deli (downtown) for sandwiches, the Sweet Olive's for light lunches (it's also an antique store), and West Main pizza for circa-1960 style pizza & spaghetti.

          Sweet Olive Antiques & Cafe
          6670 W Main St, Houma, LA

          West Main Pizza & Spaghetti
          5804 W Main St, Houma, LA 70360

    2. For an authentic Houma, LA experience, check out the Bayou Delight, where nothing gets served if it doesn't bathe in the fry-o-lator first! Great stuff though.

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        Hey, Bayou Delight serves beans--they're not fried. Okay, beans might just be the only non-fried item on the menu. The fried chicken's pretty good, too.

      2. Thanks for all the suggestions - exactly what I was hoping for - I would *love* to avoid the chains!

        TigerAtty - why Houma for four days? Catch & release flyfishing for redfish on the bayou.

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        1. re: bigonion

          Great call! Had some fried red fish for breakfast this morning that I caught in Destin. You gotta do that kinda thing during Mardi Gras to give you the energy to make the next days parades!!! Oh, and, I hear tarpin are running up bayou black.

        2. Okay, if you get down around Cocodrie while fishing, you have to eat at Coco Marina. Get one of the dishes with Wine Island Sauce. They have wine island with fish, oysters, or shrimp, and combinations thereof. Also, stop by the french loaf and get a seafood muffaletta - a million calories but fantastic. LaCasa has good mexican food - their enchiladas verde are really different and great. If you go toward Thibodaux on hwy 24, you'll come to Bourgeois' Meat Market. They have the best beef jerkey I've ever had. It's worth the trip. Oh, and 1921 (nineteen twenty one) has excellent seafood as well. Better than Big Al's imho. Have fun and catch some fish. My friend is a fly fishing guide out of belle chasse. That's my favorite kind of fishing.

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          1. re: N.O.Food

            Love the fish filet with wine island sauce at the Coco Marina! Even better if you've caught the fish yourself! Have Cap'n Anthony Randazzo take you out for the day; he'll put you right on the fish!

          2. Just came across this thread - thank you, God!! Just moved to Houma and was wondering where to eat...