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Jan 29, 2008 12:02 PM

Any Sushi Fans? Orlando

Ok, where is the BEST sushi in Orlando/Kissimmee area?
This does not need to be the most trendy, or fanciest decorations, or whatever, just the BEST food---ie freshest fish, classic Japanese offerings--maybe some rolls to appeal to American tastes, but generally just excellent nigiri/sashimi.
Amura keeps coming up on search sites---looks a bit overdone on the trendy scale to me (Tuna with Gold leaf?? and probably Korean influenced), but if the food actually is up to par then let me know. Also, I like traditional presentations/trained Japanese sushi chef if possible.

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  1. Check out Wazzabi in Winter Park -- we had dinner there the other night and it was wonderful -- don't miss the Jimbo Salad as an appie...


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      I have had a very good experience there as well. It is quite popular, so reservations are recommended.

      1. re: herbert1

        As far as I know (just based on one time I tried calling in advance), Wazzabi only accepts reservations for their grill room, but not for the main restaurant. It is an awesome place, though. It's popular and rather high on the trendy scale, but great food just the same.

        Surprisingly, I've had nothing but outstanding sushi at the brand-new sushi bar at Lac Viet, the best Vietnamese restaurant in Orlando's "ViMi" area along Colonial Drive. They have a very creative menu and a top-notch sushi chef over there.

        1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

          I hadn't heard Lac Viet has sushi now -- that's our favorite spot for Vietnamese in town. Incredible to think the owners had no prior restaurant experience before opening Lac, sounds like a good place to go this weekend.....thanks for the info....Barbara

          1. re: bcodom

            My favorite roll at Lac Viet has "Mango" in the name (I forget the full name), and it includes spicy tuna, cream cheese, mango, and some other stuff, plus it is crispy from some of the inside ingredients being lightly tempura-fried. Give it a try!

    2. California Grill has excellent sushi, but the menu is pretty small. No urchin or roe on the menu. Individual nigiri or sashimi is not on the menu but you can order it individually. The unagi is fabulous. The JW Marriott on John Young and the Renassance Marriott by seaworld both have excellent sushi bars.

      1. Bonsai Sushi
        5174 Dr Phillips Blvd
        Orlando, FL 32819
        (407) 292-0333

        Bonsai is a smaller place, cute, neat and clean. Great food, some of the freshest and best sushi in town. Great rolls, nigiri and sashimi. Craving something not on their menu, ask the sushi chef (owner). Owners are always working, very nice.

        Wazzabi in Winter Park does a nice job, I was just there 2 weeks ago enjoying their food. VooDooLou is 100% on, they still don't take reservations for their main restaurant, but they do for their cooking table room, which means no sushi unless you are eating it as apps.

        Both places are open for lunch and dinner.


        1. You should definitely try Shin Sushi on North Orange Ave. in Orlando, next door to Citrus. It's exceptional.

          1. Shari Sushi in Thorton Park is fantastic.

            Amura is another favorite--they have a downtown Orlando location but I've only been to the Lake Mary location.