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Sep 20, 2001 05:21 PM

Food Festival this weekend?

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Does anyone know about some Food and Wine Festival being held this weekend in the South Bay?

I've called around to a few Chamber of Commerces (Redondo and Manhattan), but they don't know any thing...

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  1. There's a couple of possibilities you're thinking about:

    American Wine & Food Festival - but it's in Universal City.

    The Wine Country - wine tasting in Signal Hill. That's sort of South Bay.

    You can find the details and contact info in the Los Angeles Times Food Section Datebook. The link's below.


    1. The event is Sunday by the Sea, a benefit for The Hospice Foundation. We have been advertising it in the Easy Reader for a few weeks now. The venue is a home in Palos Verdes Estates at 1733 Paseo Del Mar. (Must be an intimate little gathering, they're expecting 500 people. I think I had that many people over for parties at my first apartment, at least the neighbors claimed I did.) The event begins at 3 PM, ends at 7PM.

      There are twenty-six participating restaurants, at least thirty-five wineries, and who knows what when it comes to entertainment. There will also be a drawing for a vacation to Hawaii, which I for one could really use this week. It should be a mighty fine shindig. The $100.00 admission fee goes to the Hospice Foundation, a worthy cause indeed. $85.00 of that is tax-deductible, in case that makes a difference to anybody.

      The phone number for reservations is 310-257-3535; ask for Tania. Walk-ups are accepted but they really like to know how many people are coming, so please call and reserve.

      I'll be here, any other chowhounds going? Hmm, we need an identifying badge, something subtle. Also a secret handshake, I never belonged to any clubs that had one of those when I was a kid. Anyway, I hope to see some other Hounds dining to support a good cause...

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        Don't forget the decoder ring.

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          Chowhound powers, activate...

          Make me in the form of a creme brulee!

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            >Chowhound powers, activate...

            >Make me in the form of a creme brulee!

            You don't want to do that around this group... You wouldn't last long.

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              Better a brulee than going out as solyent green.(g)

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                Doesn't that depend on how GOOD a creme brulee she would be? (g)

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                  I couldn't find out without tasting her, at least a few bites. Could add some more comments here but perhaps it is best to draw a veil at this point...