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Help! Husband passed bar.. need private room for party

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Okay, so maybe my subject said it all, but my husband passed the bar and he is getting sworn in in a little over a month and I need to find a place in Manhattan for a get together. Here are the details:
Btwn 20-30 people
Not sure what time swearing in is so could be for an early dinner/late lunch
His family loves to have a lot of fun - not just sit and eat (i.e. kareoke etc) so it would be good to have a place that has a fun atmosphere as well, but I am open to just a great party room for sit and eat too.
Probably need to keep it in the $40 pp range if that's even possible.

I've never planned a party at all, except my wedding so I've feeling very intimidated by the process and finding just the right place in all of manhattan!

My husband mentioned Churrascaria (sp?) but that place can be so loud. Do they have private rooms there?Anyone with experience there?

HELP! I am open to any thoughts. Thanks!

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  1. Try Dos Caminos on Park -- just a few blocks from the Appellate Division. I think they have a private room. Not sure if it will fit into your budget -- although it will most likely be lunch, and that should work. (And, the food's great, it's fun.)

    1. Acc. to their website, Churrascaria Plataforma does, indeed, have private rooms. But your budget would be too low. You can see the list of packages on the website. I've never done rodizio there, but all the reviews of it that I've read on this board have been positive.


      Another possibility is Blue Smoke. They do private parties and have packages though, again, the cost may be above your stated budget. There's a semi-private balcony that can accommodate 20-30 people. Also, the downstairs Jazz Standard is available for private events.


      Major congrats to your husband and best wishes for a successful legal career.

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        Congrats! Let's hope my son passes his bar this summer.

        I suggest you work with Ostia on 7th ave. Someone posted here about holding an event there for a group that was great. The tapas menu would allow you to stay in budget, and you could have music playing, etc. It's a fun space. Food is great. Very festive.

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          My recollection is that the swearing in is done at the courthouse off Madison Square, but I can't think of any good recs nearby right now.

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            If that's true, MMRuth, then my suggestion of Blue Smoke would work because it's just a few blocks away from that courthouse, on 27th, b/t Park Av. S. & Lex. And it appears that mle, above, concurs with you because he/she recommended Dos Caminos, which is also nearby, on Park, b/t 26th & 27th Sts. There's a rodizio in that vicinity as well. It's Porcao, but reports on this board about it have not been positive.

      2. Thanks to each of your for response and well wishes for my husband. It's been a long road, so he deserves something special. Perhaps I will have to up my $$. I do have blue smoke on my list and will look into ostia as well. Strangely, I may be the only person in Manhattan that thinks Dos Cominos is not that great, but I do appreciate the suggestion. Keep 'em coming!! THANKS

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          I don't like Dos Caminos, but then again I'm not 22 and with a date.... usual crowd on the Houston st. location. Or tourists.

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            The swearing in does take place at the Madison Square courthouse and my recollection is (although it's been more years than I care to admit) that it occurs late morning and most people go out to lunch afterwards. That may give you a break pricewise. I wonder if Bread Bar might work?

          2. my friend is having a birthday party at Johnny Utah’s in Rockefeller Center…they have a mechanical bull you can ride and i believe private rooms. not sure if this is the type of fun you are looking for but i hear it is a good time.


            1. For a real bit of NY nostalgia and some wonderful chop house fare to boot try Keens Steakhouse:


              They have a number of private rooms available.

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                I love Keens, but no way can it be done for $40pp. And I believe there is a stiff rental charge for the private rooms.

              2. I had a private event at Alta and it was great.

                1. Again, very helpful. Sounds like some of you may have been through this swearing in yourself! Well, there is a larger group we may have a Sunday night dinner for and then the select few that actually go to the swearing, we may have an easy lunch just after. Two places to figure out. Yipes!

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                    You could always go to Shake Shack for lunch ;-)

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                      The swearing in takes place at the Appellate Division, First Department, on 25th Street just east of Madison Ave. This might not fit your quest exactly, but Hill Country BBQ is right down 26th Street between Broadway and 6th. It will be in you price range pp. I don't believe that they have a private room per se, but they have a downstairs area where you can set up long tables for group dining. It's casual and you can get loud without worrying about disturbing your dining neighbors.

                      If I remember correctly, the swearing in is done alphabetically, first half in AM and second half in PM. Congratulations to your husband!