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Jan 29, 2008 11:10 AM

Cafe Borgia

I had lunch at Cafe Borgia which is located in Munster, IN and felt compelled to let people know that there is a good place for Italian in NW Indiana. The Times, which is the newspaper for the area has no discernment whatsoever in their restaurant reviews and according to them every single restaurant in the area is great.
Cafe Borgia is a Roman restaurant and has small cold plate appetizers as well as hot. We really enjoyed the artichokes Roman style and some whole wheat gnocchi. We had lasagna and pork scallopine limone for entrees and the word that kept popping into my mind was balanced. The lasagna appeared to have homemade noodles which is always a plus in my book.The staff was friendly and if they did not know an answer, asked, and returned quickly. The inside is pleasant and I loved the light fixtures which look like red Chihuly stars-they said they got a lot of comments on the fixtures and that they are from a small Italian company. The location is on Calumet Ave. about 7 minutes south of I 94.
Cafe Borgia
10018 Calumet Ave
Munster, IN
(219) 922-8889

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  1. Y'know... I'm not sure I would be comfortable eating anything in a place with that name.

    How are you feeling?

    1. How is your hearing? The food is good there, but the noise level approaches being painful.

      There are a number of good places for Italian in NW Indiana. Matter of fact, there is another Italian restuarant in Munster (Giovanni's) that many people, myself included, prefer to Cafe Borgia!

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      1. re: markh

        I agree with the name! So far, so good!
        I went for lunch and there was not a big crowd so neither of us noticed a noise problem and we are both sensitive to noise.
        Giovanni's was the restaurant that I was thinking of when I reported on this. I had always heard how great Giovanni's was and we thought it was terrible. I thought the red sauce was blah, the service was poor and nothing was good in any way. The salads were not that fresh, the dressings poor and the entrees mediocre at best. I can't even remember what we had but it was poor enought that I declined dessert which does not happen often. I live in the Naperville area and Giovanni's would not last a month here.

        1. re: fryrose

          One cannot make the statement you did above based on a single data point.

          I live in the Naperville area as well and Giovanni's would do extremely well. It is light-years better than any Italian restaurant in the area, including La Sorella, Buonaro's, Angeli's, or Figo. And this is based on a number of visits to all these places, not just one isolated visit. And a visit that was so different than virtually every report you'll find on the internet that one wonders what happened when you were at Giovanni's...

          1. re: markh

            I did search after reading your post mark, about Giovanni's. I found that there are a lot of Giovanni's out there. I think that Giovanni's was "old school" and I was expecting more. A good analogy might be going to Teibels and ordering something besides the chiken or perch and expecting a great meal. Not dissing the restaurant, but they do a few things well and alot mediocre. What would you recommend at Giovanni's?

            1. re: fryrose

              Should you choose to try Giovanni's again, I'd suggest the lamb ragout w/gnocchi, linguine w/lobster and artichoke hearts, grilled chicken breast w/ grilled veggies (I remember zucchini and asparagus), and roasted half duck w/shiitake mushrooms.

              Or the grilled NY strip steak.