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Jan 29, 2008 11:05 AM

Winterlicious At Lai Toh Heen

Since I've been burned by 'licious too many times, I decided to try one lunch and settled on Lai Toh Heen, since I wouldn't have to go downtown.

The verdict: medicore to poor. Quantity high and service average. He's a play-by-play:

1. 4 assorted dim sum. Good, but not extraordinary.

2. Soup. I had hot and sour. which was not very rich and a bit too vinegary. It was filled with tofu and had virtually no meat or seafood. They really cheaped out. My wife had the other soup, which was thin and pure dishwater.

3. Deep fried noodles and sliced duck. It was absolutely tasteless. I mean none, zero, zilch, bupkas.

4. Dessert. The world's smallest lemon tart and some deep fried squishy ball that I didn't investigate.

Another major 'licious disappointment. At least I only invested $20 for lunch rather than $35 for dinner.

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  1. What astounds me is that restaurants keep signing up for this... :(

    1. Lai Wah Heen was similarly one of my worst 'Licious experiences - why I now avoid 'Licious entirely (except the accident at Tundra).

      1. I thought I was one of the only ones that avoided the 'licious" festivals.... Everytime I realize it's that time again I get excited and then realize that I've never had a good experience at any of the restaurants I've tried.