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Safari Grill - Calgary

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So being relatively new to the Calgary scene, we've drooled everytime we pass by the Safari Grill up in the NE. And reading on these boards lately, I hear it's decent. So last night we drive by (for once thinking we'd stop in) and see a 'Land For Sale' sign out front and all the windows dark and covered up. Does anyone have the scoop? Maybe they've moved, or perhaps we've spent a year drooling foolishly and missed out on a great opportunity? I hope not ...?

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  1. Not sure if they are closed for good but I do know that they are not open on Mondays. I hope they aren't closed b/c I like to eat lunch there when I'm not on Mat leave.

    1. Safari grill is only close on Mondays. If you are seeing a Land for sale sign in front maybe you are in the wrong address. Their address is #100 255 28th street S.E. You can also call them in their number (403)235-6655 and check what time they open or close.
      Safari Hours of Operation:
      Monday: Closed
      Tuesday-Thursday: 11:30-10:00pm
      Friday: 11:30-11:00pm
      Saturday: 1:00-11:00pm
      Sunday: 2:00-10:00pm

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